Will Sasso: A Married Actor With A Wife Or Gay?

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Will Sasso: A Married Actor With A Wife Or Gay?

It is very common for fans to label a celebrity as gay should they hide information about dating affairs. Not everyone prefers to flaunt their personal life out to the public, and their preference leads people to question their sexuality.

Actor Will Sasso experienced something similar, as too faced such allegations because of his privacy in his personal life. But does the speculation hold any validity, or is he really good at deceiving people about his dating affairs? Scroll down to find out!

Will Sasso: Married or Gay?

Will Sasso is one of those celebrities who remains very low-key about his dating affairs, which caused his fans to question his sexuality.

Will is not married to a woman even at the age of 46, but it's not because he holds gay sexuality, as a source has mentioned that he is looking for a girlfriend. Perhaps, he has not found the wife material yet!

Furthermore, according to the source, Will is single and is very open to dating, and is always open to having a girlfriend. Though he has been keeping his fans deprived of his romance, the actor did share a tweet regarding the news about robot marriage.

That is the only thing close to marriage the actor has ever talked about to the public, except when it concerns his roles on-screen. The actor, who is famous for his role as Vince in the series MADtv, is married on-screen and shared his notion on that matter.

I play Vince, the eldest of the two sons. I'm married to Nicole Sullivan (from MADtv). It's a real luxury to team up with her again. I know her rhythms and she knows mine. We kind of picked up where we left off (after MADtv). Playing a married couple is almost too easy.

Well, if playing a married man comes easy for Sasso, there should be no reason why we shouldn't expect to hear wedding bells in the future.

Does Will Sasso Have A Girlfriend Finally?

The Canadian actors dating life is one of the most looked over topics by the fan. Sasso, age 46, has his relationship questions raised everywhere he goes, and it seems like the actor will never get tired of teasing his fans and tabloids when it comes to his dating life.

Although the actor has never come forward with any confirmation of his relationship rumors, he hasn’t stopped confusing people with the statements he makes. The Modern Family Fame shows his funny side on his social media. 

Back in 2019, he made the media believe that he had a girlfriend by his tweet. In his tweet, he wrote, 

“Babe, don’t eat an entire chicken,” my girlfriend said as I ate an entire chicken.

However, his statement only raised more speculations, but fans had to drop it once again since nobody could find any confirmation of his relationship.

The top-notch humor is always supported by him associating his tweets with his girlfriend. However, his tease does nothing but excite people more to search for his dating life in depth.

The hilarious personality did not stop there as back in 2020, he made another tweet hinting at his relationship, he said,

Nothing more Italian than me eating a turkey neck in front of my girlfriend.

Will Sasso's Tweet Addressing Girlfriend (Source Twitter)

Well, tweets like this do make us think twice on his status. However, given his nature, we feel that it was nothing but a joke.

Although the 46-year-old loves teasing his fans, his fans cannot seem to have enough of it. They seem to hop on the boat and support his jokes and add humor of their own. 

It seems like the MAD TV star is enjoying his time confusing people. We genuinely hope that this hilarious personality finds utmost happiness in his personal life, even if he is dating someone or not.

A Fest Of Movies

As much as he is active on social media, Sasso is quite busy with his professional life. Bagging roles in 40+ movies, the Canadian Actor recently made a feature on two movies.

His Hulu special Boss Level was recently released on March 6, and simultaneously, his movies Film Fest also have released on Amazon

Will Sasso Recent Movies (Source Instagram)

Being busy in his personal life and professional life, we can only wonder how his 46-year-old handles it all but whatever he does seems to be working perfectly fine for him.

More about Will Sasso

Will Sasso was born on May 24, 1975, in Canada to parents Anna and Antonio Sasso, who are Italian by ethnicity. The actor often shares his parents and their humorous incidents with his fans on Twitter.

Graduated from  Delta Secondary back in 1993, Will had his first agent when he was fifteen years old and started his acting career with a credit in the series, Madison back in 1993. He was a part of the show for its five seasons and became famous as Derek Wakaluk, claiming a new height of stardom.

Likewise, he has been a part of some acclaimed series like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Two and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, The X-Files, Entourage, and Modern Family.

The actor has also been active in movies. Some of his film credits include Doctor WhoBest in Show, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Beverly Hills Ninja, The Hot Chick, and Happy Gilmore.

Besides being a comedian and actor, Sasso is also a wrestling fan and has once appeared in WWE/WWF.

Will Sasso in WWF (Dailymotion)

Will Sasso is a multitalented personality no doubt, and with besides the success he has garnered till this date, he also enjoys a splendid net worth, which dwells over $4 million.

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