A Secretly Married Man Is What Josh McDermitt Is; Has A Wife Or A Gay Partner?

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A Secretly Married Man Is What Josh McDermitt Is; Has A Wife Or A Gay Partner?

Celebrities when revealing their relationship life often hide them self behind their screen character, actor Josh Mc Dermitt is no less than those celebrities who is openly flaunting their screen character and romance but shadow their married life. Despite the fact that the media know about his marital life to be mingled. Is the privacy due to avoid the controversy or is it due to the sexual orientation of his partner?

Married In Reality Or Just A Rumor?

In screen life, although Josh McDermitt has got paired with numerous female celebrities in real life, he is considered to be a married man. As disclosed by Hollywoodlife.com Josh marital status is said to be hitched while the other source claims him to be a single one. 

While viewing his Twitter, we came across a picture of a baby with Josh where he has posted the child to be a junior Eugene, from the character of "The Walking Dead" where Josh portrays the character of Eugene.

Neither the marriage events nor his wife details got disclosed. There is also a likely chance for him to move out from the wedding and be a father of the child mentioned above or to the few bunches of children. So, till Josh officially confirms about his marital status, we can simply assume him to be a secretive married man.

Is He Gay? If Not, Find Out His Prior Dating Experience:

While going through his social networking site, we came across a close picture of Josh with a man where he was found giving a peck on his cheek.

Followingly, another close picture with a man got identified:


I love this dude. Can't wait for tonight's episode?? #TheWalkingDead @bigbaldhead @amcthewalkingdead

A photo posted by Josh McDermitt (@joshmcdermitt) on

With such close views, his fan followers assumed him to be gay and posted several gay tweets.

While to oppose the accusation Josh openly criticized the charge and said to a source:

“I don't know why it needs to be a storyline, to be honest, on Twitter and the Internet. Newsflash: There are gay people in the world. OK, so you don't like it. Are you up in arms about it? You've got to take to the Internet? There are really other things that you could probably pour your energy into that needs your attention. How about the fact that we're in a drought in California or how about there are starving children, we have a homeless problem. Whatever, it's stupid.”

Although Josh has no dating history, he is not gay as he has publicly criticized about the tweets and unwanted accusation laid on him by the social media and internet buzz. While few source claim to be a married man, we can surely say he is of straight sexual orientation. Currently, he has no sweetheart and is not dating any woman till today.