Is Sofia Black-D'Elia Lesbian Off Screen Or Does She Has A Boyfriend To Clear The Rumors?

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Is Sofia Black-D'Elia Lesbian Off Screen Or Does She Has A Boyfriend To Clear The Rumors?

The stillness in the relationship of any celebrities often creates a big question mark on their sexual orientation. Similarly, the passiveness in the relationship of American actress Sofia Black-D’Elia has dragged her to the lesbian zone.

Is the low-key dating primary reason to give rise to the lesbian rumor or is she seriously into the lesbian bonding?

Off Screen Lesbian Allegation, How True Is It?

In the series of “Betrayal," on screen” Sofia (Jules) dutifully plays the lesbian character with the on-screen girlfriend, Elizabeth McLaughlin (Valerie). With the pace of time, the relationship between the lovers blooms to a legitimate relationship which urged them to get more intimated in the series aired on the ABC network.

Caption: Sofie with her girly love Elizabeth in "Betrayal" which aired on ABC network (2013). 

In an interview with Sofia related about her character and her ongoing love with her woman on the screen where she said:

“I play Jules, and she is an IT super nerd at Val’s dad’s firm, and she is wise beyond her years, very smart, very sassy, quick-witted, a bit sarcastic! And I think that Val is also her first serious relationship because I think Jules has a bit of fun and maybe doesn’t take a lot of girls very seriously and plays around. And then I think when she meets Val there’s something in her that makes her want to take it a bit more seriously, and it becomes a legal relationship with her.”

With the ongoing love on the screen with a woman and suspense in her love life, emerged the suspicion on her sexual orientation. But the actress apparently denied the rumor through her Twitter battle. Though the Twitter post has been removed as reported by, Sofia had a Twitter war with Westboro Baptist Church for the sake of the Lesbian community where the representative of Baptist Church alleged her to be a w**** where Sofia shot back and said:

“Listen, you really don’t wanna start with me. I’m a Jew that plays a lesbian on TV.” Hell, yeah!“And you’re a dumb piece of s*** who was raised to hate more than you love, so I guess we’re even.”

The defend further strengthened when Sofia published a cozy picture with an unidentified man on her social networking site:



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Further, right after a year, Sofia published a picture of an unexplained guy whom she termed her boyfriend. Though no further details got revealed about the man the actress is still in her secret relationship.


Is #tbt still a thing? ??Missing simple pleasures like beach and boyfriend.

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Well, the low profile dating scenario evidently arose the lesbian speculation on the actress. If she had from the start spoken about her man, the allegation would have never started. Maybe Sofia doesn’t want to drag her man into the limelight that’s why she is keeping his details to herself: wanting to maintain a wall between her personal or professional life and enjoy her love life personally and secretive. Thus she mingles with a man who proves her to be of straight sexual orientation.