Is Sophie McShera Dating? Too Deep Into Carrer To Think Of Having A Boyfriend?

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Is Sophie McShera Dating? Too Deep Into Carrer To Think Of Having A Boyfriend?

'Downton Abbey' actress Sophie McShera is a woman of choice words when it comes to speaking about her personal life. But the fans who are madly in love with her work are always keen to know what this actress has to keep up to when it comes to her personal life, especially her dating life. 

So, is she dating anyone and has a boyfriend in her life? Or even better, is Sophie married to a husband? Let us find out!

Sophie's Mysterious Love Life: Boyfriend? Husband?

Sophia has always preferred to keep her love life and her personal kinds of stuff close to her chest, and as a result, she has not revealed any pivotal news related to her having a boyfriend. On top of that, she has also been secretive when it comes to being open about her plans regarding her getting married and have a husband to share her life.

But that does not mean that this beautiful actress lacked men in her life. She once dated and had a boyfriend in her life with whom she set up a candy company named ThatSweetFeeling, a company that she later sold as she had no time to run it.

However, not much was revealed by Sophia about her then boyfriend including his name and other crucial information.

Furthermore, she is someone who has relentlessly been asked about her having a crush on anyone.

Back in an interview in 2014, when she was asked if she had a crush on Rob James-Collier in real life, she answered,

No, and Rob tells us off in real life, because he’s like the funniest person on set. He’s hilarious. He’s always telling us, “You try being gay in Edwardian times!”

Maybe, she has all her focus shifted towards the professional aspect of her life and maybe, she prioritizes her professional life more than her personal life.

So let us wait and see if the actress comes forth and opens up about her dating life in the days to come.

Sophie: A Terrible Cook?

Sophie, who plays kitchen maid Daisy Robinson in "DownTown Abbey" has admitted she spends so much time acting to cook delicious slap-up meals on the successful show that she sometimes takes it out of her mind that she's not a skilled chef.

During an interview, when she was asked if she is a good cook, she responded,

I’m really good at pretending. Lesley [Nicol] was rolling pastry once and she was doing it all wrong. And so they changed it. We do a lot of seasoning and tasting. And now I can boss people around, because I’m assistant cook. I got a bit carried away, because I do background. And I was being a bit bossy with a maid who had come in to collect something, and Alastair Bruce, the historical expert, said, “You’re not allowed to be bossy with her.”

She also explained her cooking skills as, 

"It's hard because we pretend to be so good at cooking that you almost start to believe it so you're like, 'I made that, that looks great', so then it's a bit of a shock that you can't make any of it in real life because you've got someone helping you the whole time."

Safe to say that she has not brought her on-screen skills to her real life. *jokes!*

Caption: Sophie McShera and Lesley Nicol Interview: Downton Abbey.

Published on Jan 21, 2013.

Regardless of her cooking skills, the actress is a delight to have on our TV screens and let us hope she keeps on delivering further classics in her career.

Stay with us for fresh updates on Sophie McShera!