The Young & The Restless' Sharon Case's Finds Out She's Not Pregnant! How Will Her Husband React To That?

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It is a secret desire for every woman to embrace the entire feeling of the prenatal period and postnatal period once in their lifetime.This excitement is not only carried out by the mother herself but it is equally anticipated by the father to be.
The Young & The Restless' Sharon Case's Finds Out She's Not Pregnant! How Will Her Husband React To That?

It is a secret desire for every woman to embrace the entire feeling of the prenatal period and postnatal period once in their lifetime.This excitement is not only carried out by the mother herself but it is equally anticipated by the father to be.

But it looks like the motherhood phase has not been fated immediately for the actress Sharon Case, who just got a swift blow of her nonpregnancy news. Now the question arise how did her husband react to the news or did she wait to break the news after pulling herself in a firm position before disclosing it?

Today we shall cover the news of her pregnancy and get hold of her husband’s reaction to the news!

Not Pregnant? What about the Husband’s reaction?

The lovers of Sharon Case might have just choked when they heard the news of the nonpregnancy of their all time favorite star. Well, hold your breath fellas, the news is not off the screen but an on-screen news of “The Young and The Restless.”

When talking about Sharon’s motherhood, her desires are left unfulfilled in the series aired in September. Sharon gets a blow when she identifies that she is not pregnant. The moment she gets the news, she enters in a state of confusion due to extreme and frequent turning events in her life.

 Although she was in a state of shock, she mustered the courage to speak with her close friend Mariah who blurted out the entire scenario to Sharon’s husband  Dylan. Just like a caring husband Dylan acted sensibly enough helping his wife overcome from the unfaithful disaster.

Similarly, in the October series, Sharon’s dream of being a mother was on the verge of being unfulfilled as she faced the trauma of miscarriage of her baby unexpectedly. She kept the miscarriage story within herself and tried for another baby to save her relationship with her on-screen husband Dylan (Steve Burton).

Caption: Sharon miscarriage incident posted on YouTube on 13th May 2016. 

Her initiation was fruitful as she was again confirmed to be pregnant by her doctor Dr. Anderson (Elizabeth Bogush). Despite the fact that she was confirmed with the good news she developed a strange mentality where she considered herself as an infertile woman and was even more confused when she was presented with a son in her lap by Dr. Anderson, which Dylan and she named as Sully.

Caption: Sharon Case holding her newborn son Sully.

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Well, both the duo were rejoicing the moment of the newborn son, nobody knew the secret hidden behind the birth of Sully. The mystery shall soon be unfolded in the series, but it would be a complete devastating situation for Dylan and Sharon when they get hold of the truth.

Even though Sharon has successfully depicted and portrayed the character of Sharon Newman in the series of “ The Young and Restless” but in real life, she has no children till date and is neither pregnant nor there are any rumors of her pregnancy news.

But Sharon, we would love to see you enjoying your motherhood phase not only on screen but off screen as well. She has posted the picture holding her cousin's baby in her Instagram post on 9th August 2015, which makes us sure how much she loves children.


#pureaborbs #michigan #familyreunion

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Caption: Family reunion of Sharon Case with her nieces and cousins on 9th August 2015.

Hope you soon get a chance to embrace the parenthood phase soon and give your fan followings the news of your little one. We are eagerly waiting for the news Sharon!

Off Screen Marriage:

People loved the on-screen pair of Steve Burton and Sharon throughout the series, but in real life, Sharon seems to have some other plans for marriage.

Sharon had once been married to the businessman Sandy Corzine in the year 2007, April. The duo tied their knot in the late of April in Mexico.

Caption: Sharon with her husband, Sandy Corzine.

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As reported by the on 23rd March 2010, Sharon had dated the businessman for two and a half year before they were officially hitched.

When talking about her marriage ceremony with Sandy in Mexico she claimed the marriage ceremony to be somewhat like an eloped one as not a soul was present in their marriage ceremony carried out in a hotel in Mexico. Sharon was simply thrilled by the idea of getting married as they took a long years before finally getting married to one another. She said:

“No, I was totally ready.  I was thrilled about getting married.  We had a long engagement, so it wasn't like it was rushed and I didn't have time to really think about it.  That was never the problem.”

Things were really brewing between the newly married couple but just within a month issues started to emerge into her married life. Despite facing constant  issues on and off Sharon still had hopes and belief to keep her marriage safe and under wraps with full enthusiasm. But unfortunately, she could not sustain her positive attitude for a long period and hence in the year 2009, her marriage fell apart after two and a half year of struggle.

After disclosing her anxiety, she gave a hint of her issues in marriage and even spoke about her desire to enter into motherhood just after getting hitched. But, due to the ongoing difference in the relationship between her and Sandy she kept the idea of marriage just out of reach, as she knew the baby would never resolve the issue.

Well, neither the businessman nor the actress gave the real reason for separation. Nor has the actress stated about her divorce alumni, despite the actress confronted the media about her separation from the three years marriage with her love Sandy while Sandy is reported to be possibly single.

She has no hard feelings for the man and considers divorce to be a heavy loss for her. The divorce has sincerely shattered Sharon keeping her distant from dating any man. But you never know when she will find the perfect man again and simply move with the flow of life.

Current Dating and her Net Worth:

Currently, Sharon is linked with the country singer Jimmy Wayne since the year 2009. Just after her divorce with her husband she dated Wayne in the month of October as reported by

Caption: Jimmy Wayne and Sharon were dating from 2009. (no picture of them being together was spotted)

Sharon has not confirmed about the relationship nor has declined it. The duos are still said to be in a relationship. However, the couple has not been spotted anywhere together. Therefore there lies a strong suspense whether to believe it or not. Maybe Sharon doesn't want to flash anything about her recent love life because of the fear of paparazzi and unwanted question and answers round after the separation, or this might only be a rumor.

But, she has publicized her total net worth of $2 million. She accumulated the net worth by working in plenty of modeling events and by working with plenty of daily soaps like General Hospital(1989), As the world turns (1992), Breast Man (1997) and The Young and Restless (1994). She has also opened her jewelry line in the year 2010 which added an additional income on her net worth