5 Things About Lourdes Duarte You Did Not Know! A Married Woman Hiding Her Wedding Or Single And Ruling?

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5 Things About Lourdes Duarte You Did Not Know! A Married Woman Hiding Her Wedding Or Single And Ruling?

When a fine journalist like Lourdes Duarte, is on the television screen doing her job; she makes everyone wonder about her life beyond the camera.

Most likely, the question that first strikes everybody's mind is regarding her love life that raises curiosity towards her dating life, making people think if she has a lucky guy in her life as her boyfriend? Or is she secretly leading a married life with her husband?

If you're seeking for the truth as well, then you've hit the right place!

Lourdes Duarte’s Romantic Life:

Like most of the celebrities, Lourdes Duarte has maintained a tight guard over her romantic life, and least information about her personal life has circulated the media.

However, on one rare occasion, back on January 20, 2016, she shared her list on “How To Treat A Boyfriend” and even expressed that- she wished she had the list earlier.

We wonder- who was the boyfriend she was mentioning about?

Lourdes, however, remains adamant when it comes to revealing details about her personal life. So, the identity of the boyfriend she was mentioning, remains confined in the corner of her mind.

Despite that, Lourdes loves wishing Valentine's Day to all her followers, that too with a hope that they either already have or would find someone to smile with, all day long.


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As of now, she is single, but let's hope that she finds the perfect man; who she can acknowledge as her boyfriend, and later even exchange wedding vows, leading into a happy married life with. We are still wondering who will be the lucky lad, to be called her husband.

5 Things to Know About Lourdes Duarte! 

1. Lourdes Duarte- A Loving Daughter:

Lourdes Duarte is a loving daughter, and like many, her parents are her strength. She often shares beautiful words for her parents on the occasion of Mother's and Father's Day.

Lourdes, on the occasion of Mother's Day on May 14, 2017, shared a picture with her mother, where she expressed that her mother has always been fashion forward.


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Recently, on the occasion of The Father's Day, Lourdes shared a boomerang video with her father on her Instagram, flaunting the amazing bond they share.


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2. A Quote that reflects Lourdes' Personality!

A quote becomes meaningful to a person when he/she somehow relate to it. And the quote which Lourdes likes, speaks volumes about her personality.

Duarte shared a quote that she loved through Instagram on May 5, 2017. The quote talks about two kinds of people and she wishes to be,

"those who make complicated simple to try and help people."


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3. Music Lover:

Music creates magic and has the ability to entice anyone, and many do not know that Lourdes is a music lover as well.

Lourdes posted a picture of a beautiful musical night on her Instagram on July 16, 2017. The caption evidently shows her love for Chicago Industry.


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4. Lourdes, a Food Lover:

Only a food lover would know the gratefulness of being served with great food and how a scrumptious food can make them happy instantly. 

Lourdes loves food and thanked her friend, Margaret for introducing her to an enticingly delicious dish.


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5. Boxing Fondness:

The fitness has been an integral part of people in today's time, and a wider variety of fitness routines has been introduced to suit different people.

Lourdes' favorite fitness regime is boxing which she flaunted it through Instagram back on May 2, 2017.


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Lourdes Duarte's Short Wiki-Like Bio:

Lourdes Duarte celebrates her birthday every year on December 14, but she has not revealed the birth year yet, so her age is still a mystery.

She graduated from DePaul University. Lourdes worked for three years as a reporter in Detroit, Michigan. Additionally, she served two years in WXIN-TV in Indianapolis. 

Back in September 2007, she worked as a general assignment reporter for the WGN Midday News, WGN News at Nine and WGN Evening News. She later went to be a reporter at WHOI-TV in Peoria and even worked at Metro Networks in Miami.

Moreover, she hosted WGN News at 5 and was a reporter even for WGN News at Nine. While, now, she hosts “Adelante Chicago” on WGN and is an anchor of WGN Morning News. 

It was her hard work that has helped her in winning Emmy Awards for four times. Not only that, but she was also awarded the Service Award by the Illinois Legislative Latino Caucus for her dedication towards the Latino community.

The hard working and dedicated employee like Lourdes Duarte must have a handsome salary, which is yet to be revealed in figures.