Actor Brian McNamara: Still Single or Dating a Beautiful Girlfriend? Rumored as Secretly Married!

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Actor Brian McNamara: Still Single or Dating a Beautiful Girlfriend? Rumored as Secretly Married!

It’s really disappointing for the fans to see their favorite celebrity discussing so much about their on-screen life but staying silent regarding the real life like of Leeanna Walsman. In this regard, today we are talking about an actor who loves to talk about his much known professional life than his mysterious real life.

Married Life and Wife:

An American actor, Brian McNamara, is best known for portraying a role of the lovely husband in the series Army Wives. The series that aired from 2007 has completed seven seasons so far. In the series, Brian plays an army as Col. Michael Holden who has earned a huge trust from wife Claudia Joy Holden, played by Kim Delaney.

Caption: Brain McNamara with co-star Kim Delaney attending the premiere of the documentary Searching for Home, Coming Back From War in 2015.



This was only about the on-screen relationship of Brian but we know that his fans want to know more. Therefore, we have collected some secret information about Brian’s life for our viewers.

Is Brian Married? Or Dating Someone?

Well, this is the most enigmatic part of Brian’s real life. Brian is a father of two lovely kids, daughter, Brenna McNamara, and son, Tyler McNamara. However, Brain hasn’t disclosed the name of the children’s mother.

It is really hard to guess about what caused Brain to conceal the name of his beloved. We suspect that Brian is secretly married and thus, doesn’t want to disclose the name of his wife. Or, Brian may have a secret girlfriend who is also the mother of his children. If you know about his relations, then our comment box is desperate for your response,

Gar Rumors!

The Golden Globe 1988 award winner for Best Performance in a Supporting Role in a Series, Brian portrayed the role of a gay character in the movie Two Gems 57 in an impressive way. His acting in the movie looks so real that for a moment people may suspect him a gay. However, the sexuality of his character in the movie and real life doesn’t resemble. Brian has never mentioned anywhere that he is a gay.