Actress Aisha Hinds: Neither Married Nor Dating Anyone, Lesbian?

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Actress Aisha Hinds: Neither Married Nor Dating Anyone, Lesbian?

Secrecy; the word itself in it sounds so annoying but we got to face that when someone does not agree to spill the beans. Aisha Hinds who is probably most famous for her work in Under the Dome has baffled almost everyone with her personal life.

Aisha Hinds as we know is a marvelous actress and there is seriously no doubt on that. We are sure you love to watch her on you TV screens but have you ever wondered what might actually be going inside her life off-camera? Well. If the answer is no, then there is no need to worry. We will be stepping inside together to know everything that is knowable.

Is She Married? Husband or Boyfriend?

According to who’s dated who, Aisha Hinds is currently single. However, the source also has no information about her previous relationships (if she had any), which in our view is a little peculiar. Given the fact that Aisha is already 40 years old and in about a month she will be turning 41.

How can anyone stay single for this long period of time? She has never mentioned about her secretly getting married or living with a husband or even dating someone to the media. The beautiful actress sure has managed to live her personal life quite privately.

Is Aisha Hinds a Gay/Lesbian?

After people couldn’t find out any information regarding her current or past boyfriends, speculations were made that Aisha might have a gay/lesbian sexual preference which might actually be true but has an equal chance of being fake news either. The speculations might have been made due to her half a lesbian couple role in "Under the Dome." For all we know right now, Aisha Hinds is either single or dating someone behind the world’s eyes.

Caption: Aisha Hinds on playing half of a lesbian couple on “Under the Dome”


Aisha Hinds’ Short Bio:

Aisha Hinds was born on November 13, 1975, (age 40 years old), in New York, United States. Her first step to the television world was when she played a role on NYPD Blue in 2003.

Later on, she started getting roles in movies and series like, Stargate SG-1 (2007), Neo Ned (2005), Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), Prision Break (2009), Desperate Housewives (2009), Under the Dome (2013-2015), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2006;2016) etc.

Currently, she in working on a TV movie called All the Way as Fannie Lou Hamer. Besides, she has also appeared in TV series like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia(since 2006), NCIS: Los Angeles(2014), movies like  Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp(2015), Beyond the Lights (2014) and more.