Beautiful Actress Ari Graynor: Neither Married Nor Dating Anyone, Still Searching For Her Soulmate?

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Beautiful Actress Ari Graynor: Neither Married Nor Dating Anyone, Still Searching For Her Soulmate?

Celebs often hide about their relationship some do it because they want privacy and some do it because they just don’t want to flash their private life publicly. Well, in Ari Graynor’s case it seems rather confusing. 

Ari Graynor is not married and is not dating either which leaves most of us to thinking that she is still searching for her perfect significant one. Let’s find out if this turns out to be true or not.

Neither Married Nor Dating What might be the reason:

According to multiple sources, Ari Graynor has never been married which leads to a conclusion that she never had a husband in her real life but on-screen she has a husband. Of course, an on-screen husband is a fake one. For her movie “What’s her number” she got Oliver Jackson-Cohen as her husband, but we are still waiting for her real life husband to knock on her door.

However, this is not the way things have always been for her as there have been days when she was dating other men. According to who’s dated who, Ari Graynor had two boyfriends but at different times. Let’s just consider the rule ‘First in first out’ and talk about her first boyfriend.

In 2006, Ari dated Johnny Galecki who is more commonly known as Leonard Hofstadter. However, it is not mentioned how long the couple dated before splitting, but one thing is sure that she and Johnny went their different ways before 2008. Johnny Galecki is currently dating Ariella Nicole.

Caption: Ari Graynor with Johnny Galecki (2006).


Likewise, she started dating Eddie Kaye Thomas, and if you focus enough, you can remember that he was the one who played the role Paul Finch in the famous adult movie American Pie. This time too, both the couple did not take the liberty to state how long they dated. Eddie Kaye just like Ari has not revealed anything about his relationship status. Talking about the current relation status of Eddie he is possibly single. 

Caption: Ari Graynor with Eddie Kaye Thomas (2008).


It looks like we will just have to wait until she decides to have a boyfriend and reveal it to the whole world. Till then, let’s read more about her and know more.

Ari Graynor’s Short Bio:

Ari Graynor was born on April 27, 1983, in Boston, MA and currently ages about 33 years old. She made her Broadway debut as Alison in 2005’s Brooklyn Boy and slowly but steadily she started to build her career.

She enrolled at the Trinity College in Connecticut and had played as Eve Pigeon in Mystic River and also portrayed the role of Caroline in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and with all of her extensive work, she has managed to gather herself an impressive net worth of $1 million.