Actress Cierra Ramirez Has A Perfect Blend Of Relationship With Her Boyfriend; Likes To Keep Dating Unveiled

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Actress Cierra Ramirez Has A Perfect Blend Of Relationship With Her Boyfriend; Likes To Keep Dating Unveiled

There is nothing beautiful than loving and being loved and well, showing the world what a couple has between them, without any hesitation is even more special. Similarly, Actress Cierra Ramirez also likes to keep her dating affairs unveiled, and if you were wondering she has a boyfriend, then you are in for a treat.  

Cierra Ramirez has won the hearts of many men with her unquestionably mesmerizing smile and behind that smile; Cierra has the man of her life, her stylist boyfriend, Jeff Wittek. That is right; Cierra has a stylist boyfriend, and that is why the couple makes such a great couple. Not only they both share an immense love for each other, both of them look extravagantly sexy in stylish outfits.

Cierra and Jeff started dating in 2015, and since then, the couple has been inseparable. Both of them frequently share pictures together. In December of 2015, Cierra shared a picture of the couple kissing and the caption just simply wished Jeff a happy birthday while explaining how important he is to Cierra.

After a year passed, again came Jeff’s birthday and this time was even cuter. Cierra shared a video which piled the couple’s favorite moments and the post also revealed that Cierra prepared a karaoke song for Jeff.

Cierra and her stylist boyfriend Jeff stepped together in 2017 and posted a picture from Christmas where they kissed in front of a giant Christmas tree.


Hope you meet exactly who you want under the mistletoe tonight??

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Jeff even posts videos of them together and among all the videos, the one with the title 'Relationship Goals' had over 90k views and why wouldn't they? After all, both of them make such a cute couple together.

Caption: Cierra Ramirez & Jeff Wittek on Relationship goals. 

Cierra Ramirez’s Short Bio:

Cierra Ramirez was born on March 9, 1995, in Huston, Texas. When it comes to her parents, only her father is known, and his name is Sonny. The now 21 years old Cierra has a sister named Savannah. The news is that her father is a Colombian and her mother is a Mexican which probably puts her in the mixed ethnicity group.

Cierra has appeared in the TV-series The Fosters as Mariana Adams since 2013 and is continuing to do so. Other than the Fosters, Cierra currently has two other projects on her hand, Drink Slay Love (post-production), and Petting Scorpions (completed).

Still having a long way of being a big shot celebrity, Cierra has not divulged her net worth to the media. However, taking her flourishing career in consideration, we can assume that Cierra probably has her net worth in hundreds of thousand dollars or who knows if it is a million.