Dainty Actress Eloise Mumford: Neither Married Nor Dating Anyone, Why? Increasing Lesbian Rumors

By LRU Writer | On:
Dainty Actress Eloise Mumford: Neither Married Nor Dating Anyone, Why? Increasing Lesbian Rumors

Dainty Actress Eloise Mumford: Neither Married Nor Dating Anyone, Why? Increasing Lesbian Rumors

By LRU Writer | On:

After coming in fame from the movie The River, actress Eloise Mumford has become the most desired actress in the industry. She has played and portrayed various characters from then and has always amazed her fans through her acting skills. She has shown her professional side to her fans, but she has never revealed her personal life, dating series and sexual orientation.

 Let us know about the personal fronts of Eloise Mumford and identify her relationship status and her sexual orientation.

Not identified Dating any man? Is she a Lesbian?

Well, it's kind of an awkward situation for every beautiful woman to remain single especially when you are an iconic figure in the entertainment industry where every eye is gazing and watching each and every movement of yours. There is a kind of dicey situation for such plaintiff personalities.

Even if you are dating, you are swarmed by media questioning everything about your relationship, and if you don’t get involved with anyone, you are considered to be a lesbian.

Similar is the case of actress Eloise who has never revealed any of her dating story to the online portals or media. However, one of her fans following publicly disclosed the picture of Eloise and a man whom she termed it as the actress boyfriend through her Twitter account on 25th February 2015:

 The confusion still does not end her as Eloise has been spotted with Victor Rasuk, the American actor enjoying a brewing mug of coffee where he has posted a picture of him and her on his Instagram account on 2nd March 2016.


This is what happens when we get together... Again! LMAO!! Gonna be a fun shoot! #Repost @eloise.mumford #FSD

A photo posted by Victor Rasuk (@victorrasuk) on

Followingly, immediately after three months, Eloise posts a picture of her with Victor Rasuk, where she reveals the event to be a lunch date with her on his Instagram post on 7th June 2016.


lunch date.

A photo posted by Eloise Mumford (@eloise.mumford) on

Caption: Eloise enjoying a meal time with actor Victor Rasuk on 7th June 2016

 Although her fan following was already confused regarding her relationship with Victor in the meantime, she cleared the air of the mystery man for the said tweet posted on Twitter on 25th February 2015, by her fan through Twitter account regarding the mysterious boyfriend Eloise has vehemently denied about her affair and relationship with the man through a late tweet on 21st November 2016.

As Eloise has not confronted anything about her relationship status with the American actor Victor Rasuk, it is rather difficult to pinpoint straightly. Maybe she is dating him but avoiding the unwanted media attraction and media barrage into her personal life she wants to hide it.

She has never been spotted with any of her girlfriends if she was lesbian. So, until and unless the actress straight away discloses about her sexual orientation we can’t tag the label of gay while some source reports her to be single having no dating history, married life,  husbands or boyfriends till date.

Has her success increased her assets?

She entered into the field of acting in the year 2008 where she portrayed the character of Megan  Emory in the series of “ Crash.” Since then she has never looked back and hence has appeared in series and movies like Mercy(2009), Lone Star(2010), Just In Time(2015), Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) and Fifty.

From all the movies and television series she worked she has accumulated the total net worth of $2 million. She has further taken film assignments like Shades of Darker (2017) which will further add few chunks to her present net worth.

Well, the woman at the age of 30, you have been a superstar while most of the people still struggle to achieve the success that you have made one through loads of effort and consistent hard work!