American Actress Hayley McFarland is Secretly Dating! Well, Who's The Lucky Boyfriend?

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American Actress Hayley McFarland is Secretly Dating! Well, Who's The Lucky Boyfriend?

Keeping a secret relationship is nothing new in the entertainment industry but it is close to a sin to hide such a cute looking couple from the eyes of everybody. We are talking about Hayley McFarland, and if you did not know till now that she has a boyfriend, then you are about to get shocked and say ‘awwww’ at the same time. Let’s look at the couple’s secret relationship.

A Secret is no Longer a Secret Anymore!

The 25 years old American actress has been dating, but it is not sure since when. Hayley McFarland has been dating a guy named Eric Boshart who as far as we know, does not have a personal bio solely dedicated to him neither has described who he is or what he does on his Instagram account.


I don't always crush men, but when I do, I prefer to do it on Mondays.

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Caption: Hayley McFarland with boyfriend Eric Boshart having a good time together.

Hayley has managed to keep her relationship with Eric, so secret that multiple sources do not even have a sniff about their relationship and has even labeled Hayley to be currently single. Well, she did not actually keep this a secret as Hayley and Eric both have posted pictures of them hanging out together on multiple occasions, and their fans know it all.

So, we just cannot blame her for her mystery relationship as she has not kept it all a secret. The couple are still together and we can say so because although their respective Instagram is not filled with their pictures, but Hayley and Eric both take the liberty to post each other’s picture in every once in a while and the last one was on March 28, 2016, when they went to Santa Barbara to taste some wine.


Wine tasting in Santa Barbara then a great Easter service makes for one fulfilling weekend ????????

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We hope the couple stays the way they are right now and that Eric will turn out to be a good husband after they get married of which we hope we’ll know everything.

Hayley McFarland’s Short Bio:

Being born on March 29, 1991, 25 years old actress Hayley McFarland started her career in musical theater production at Oklahoma. Her parents are not recorded in any of her bios, so her ethnicity for the moment is unknown.

Among all her work, she is quite famous for her role as Emily Lightman on the TV series Lie To Me (2009-2011). Now, she can be seen in an upcoming movie The Chaplin which recently finished filming.