Beautiful Actress Molly Burnett: Split With Her Actor Boyfriend, Is She Dating Anyone?

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Beautiful Actress Molly Burnett: Split With Her Actor Boyfriend, Is She Dating Anyone?

Men go crazy for women who is beautiful and is a die heart fan of sports. And yes the American actress Molly Burnett is damn beautiful and is a huge fan of football games. Her boyfriend might have feel blessed for his girlfriends choice and might have been down on knees in love with her. But, are you sure, that might have been the case?

As the scandal of the lady's separation with her actor boyfriend sparked on the media, every eyebrow raised on why and what on earth is going around. So, for the ones who are is the line to take a chance on the lady we are bringing in the details about her split up matter and her current dating scenario.

Beautiful face with a broken heart, why so?

Not once but twice, the lovely lady has shattered from the painful phase of heartbreak. While going through her dating series, we came to know about her break ups and split off the story.

As posted by, the beautiful actress was involved with Casey Jon Deidrick in the year 2009. The duo did not only dated off-screen but also got acquainted on the screen of “Dool.”

Caption: Molly and Casey Jon Deidrick together in Dool (2009).


As posted by on 9th September 2015, the lady fell in love with the man at a younger age while they both were working together on a set of Dool(2009).

However, the relationship seems to last only for a year, hence in the year 2010, in the month of November, they moved out from the relationship. Despite walking out of the relationship in real life, both the star carried on their on-screen romance of the character “Chad” and ” Melanie” in the year 2012.

The actress was neither married nor engaged with the man, but they still have maintained their formal working relationship. Molly has neither spoken about the break-up nor Casey. Currently, Casey Deidrick is reported to be dating Jahan Yousaf, an American artist since the year 2013.


Luckiest guy in the ????!! Thank you for all your support @krewellajahan

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Caption: Casey Deidrick together with Jahan Yousaf on 16th March 2015.

Similarly, in the year 2008, she is said to have dated the American actor, Aron Hill. The actress has not disclosed about her meeting period nor her dating events.

Caption: Aron Hill and Molly Burnett together (2009).


The relationship of the duo only lasted for a year, and in the year 2009 both of them moved on their way. The actress has not spoken anything about her break up nor the relationship.

Although the duo was spotted together, there remains a dilemma whether they were involved or were just a friend. Currently, the man is reported to be single.

Has she found the perfect man?  

While working for the series of "Day Of Lives," Molly Brunt came across the yanking personality Spencer Neville in the year 2014. The pair became the most praised one by the soap followers for their cute romantic personality and adventures. 

Although the cute couple was daintily involved in the relationship on screen but behind the screen, she had no plans of carrying her screen chemistry off the screen.

Caption: Spencer Neville and Molly together celebrating the 50 years of "Days of Our Lives" on November 7, 2015.


Neither there are any rumors of Molly dating Spencer while working together nor after the series got over. They are still friends, as the couple is still hanging together even after the ending of the series giving continuation to their friendship.

 As posted by on 17th March 2016, both of them are still together and are working relentlessly on the Berlin Music video. On an excitement, the musician Bernie had posted the news on his Twitter account on 16th March 2016.

Well, this shows the lovely on screen pair are working towards their career and achievements. There is no rumor of the actress getting married or about getting pregnant. Currently, she is working on the scripted series “The Relationship Status” which mainly revolves around love along with friendship and which has been exclusively debuted in the screen since the spring.

On the show, Burnett is seen playing the character of a woman who constantly uses dating app to find a perfect man to date.

Caption: Molly Burnett speaks about her relationship status as posted on Youtube on 2nd June 2016.

When speaking about her net worth, Molly Burnett has worked enough for her to enjoy all the luxury and comfort, although she has not revealed it any of the online portals or websites. She has currently undertaken projects like Ctrl Alt Delete(2016), Relationship Status(2016), The Wedding Party(2016), Shattered (2017)and General Hospital.

She has also been nominated for Day times Emmy Awards in the year 2010 and 2012 for the Outstanding Younger Actress from the series “Days Of Our Lives.”

But one of her most significant net worth is her fans and followers who consistently support her.