Actress Valene Kane's Wedding: Wondering Who's She Married To? Know About Her Husband

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Actress Valene Kane's Wedding: Wondering Who's She Married To? Know About Her Husband

Being a celebrity has its own pride, especially when you are the topic of concern amongst so many people so often. However, there are certain times in your life when you wish to stay really low and not interact or socialise much.

Also, there have been several cases of some weird fan/s trying to exceed their limit and affect the life of someone by saying or doing anything controversial. These are the times when you really wish that you could walk on the street and nobody would notice who you really are.

Actress Valene Kane's Wedding: Wondering Who's she Married to?

Actress Valene Kane is almost in her 30s now and having had much professional success through her acting; she has got a huge fan following as well. Often, her fans are well aware of her upcoming news, her recent activities as well as events and forth coming movies.

However she has been pretty much mysterious about her personal life, especially her relationships and affairs as surprisingly, there are no records to show or prove her dating history. That's right!

However, we did such digging down on our own and came to find out that Valene might have been secretly married and not long ago. Although there is no news to her mysterious husband till now, sources say that it could be her boyfriend actor Ed Cooper Clarke after the two of them were seen together in a Hotel in California. With posts on her Twitter, that lead towards the built up of a wedding in 2014, her closeness with actor Clarke certainly leads all roads to Rome.

Although none of the two have come up with any comments or news about their relationship together, an Irish website posted news that hints these two actors have already been wedded. Also, there have been certain tweets that make us believe that there is something cooking on which neither Valene nor Ed Cooper wants their fans to find out about:

Short Bio Of Valene:

Valene Kane was born on the 30th of January 1987 in a small town called Newry which is located in County Down, Northern Ireland of the U.K. Born and raised in a small family of Christians, she was educated at the Sacred Heart Grammar School, and from an early age took interest in dancing which saw her train at the Annmarie Morgan School of Dance.

Kane was a natural performer, and that came out while she was still in school, and with her parents' agreement, she was involved with the National Youth Theatre, Her primary work in theatre and stage gave her the encouragement to try a career out of acting and for that, she went to London at the age of 18 and started her training at Central School of Speech and Drama.

Although she had appeared in some stage performances as an amateur, her professional debut as an actress came in 2008 when she appeared in a small role in a short film named July.

With the success of that movie and role from YouTube, she started to get offers for other bigger projects and was seen in The Fading Light, Jump, Frankenstein and other bigger projects. Currently known for her role in the TV series The Fall, she has recenlty audioned for the cast of Ex- Patriot and will be seen soon, playing the role of a Riley Connors