Is Adam Calhoun Married? Inside The Musician's Personal Life

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Adam Calhoun is a Country and Hip-Hop singer who also has been venturing out in the YouTube world. He has his son with his ex-partner. His and his son's relationship with the mother seems to be rocky and not good. Calhoun is in a relationship now and is engaged with a woman named Margie
Is Adam Calhoun Married? Inside The Musician's Personal Life

The Country and Hip-Hop singer Adam Calhoun is also a YouTube personality. His recent venture on YouTube has made fans feel more connected with him. Through his channel, he gives his fans an insight on his personal life as well. 

An Idol To His Son 

When it comes to his personal life, he is an engaged man and has a son from his ex-partner. His son is in the army and idolizes his father more than anyone else. 

Calhoun’s relationship with his son, Tamen, is one of a kind. The father-son duo seems to enjoy spending time with each other. But, more than a father and a son, the two seem to be best friends with each other. 

Tamen was born on 13th April 2020 and is the child of Calhoun's previous relationship. Tamen boasts his amazing relationship with his father with heartwarming captions among his 131k followers. 

Junior Calhoun is always vocal about his want to be just like his dad and is always seen appreciating the singer. 

On the occasion of Father's day, back in 2020, he shared a lengthy caption addressing his love for his father. He says how their relationship is like no other and how much Calhoun has impacted his life. He wrote, 

Our relationship is the strongest it’s ever been and for the first time in my life I’m slowly becoming the person I wanna be. I can’t thank you enough for all the love and support you give me everyday to succeed. 

Adam And His Son Tamen Posing For A Picture

Adam And His Son Tamen Posing For A Picture (Source Instagram)

Looking deeper into Tamen’s personal account, his love and appreciation for his father is clearly visible. In another post on his Instagram account, he again appreciates all the love that his father has showered on him. He writes, 

Time goes by fast. one day I'll look back on this picture and remember not how hard you were on me, but the laughs we shared and the memories we made. Love ya old man

The Army man is a daddy’s boy indeed. While his relationship with Calhoun is always highlighted, his relationship with his mother has usually been kept in the dark. 

Rocky Relationship With Mother

While the dynamic between Calhoun and the mother of his child is not clear, she, however, doesn’t seem to be an active part of their life. 

In 2018, Tamen posted a YouTube video titled, Where’s my mom?/ Setting goals, where he addressed the questions regarding his maternal side of the family. 

Caption- Tamen's Youtube Video About His Mother

Through the video, Junior Calhoun let his viewers know that he is, in fact, wary of his mother’s whereabouts, and she lived thirty minutes away from his old house. Calhoun goes on to say how he also has half-siblings from his mother’s side. He quotes, 

I have two half brothers and half-sisters, I almost had two half-sisters but my little brother. Was a twin to my sister Miley but she ended up passing while she was a couple of months old. 

He also addressed how his mother is not prevalent in his life, and he did not get along with his mother. He also mentioned how his stay with his mother was not pleasant on him, and he moved in with his dad. 

 He explained- 

 I lived with her from age 2 to 10 and eventually; I called my dad, and … he taught me how to actually be a kid and actually teach me morals and respect. 

The father-son now seems to be inseparable. As much highly as the 20-year-old speaks of his father, Adam also never fails to acknowledge his love for his son. 

After moving on from his past relationship, the singer has now given himself another chance on love and is in a relationship now. 

Is Adam Calhoun Married? 

Calhoun is not married. However, he is engaged to his girlfriend, Margie.

The pair got engaged to each other in January 2018. Calhoun doesn't post his fiancée on his socials, but she was once part of Calhoun's YouTube video. 

The singer released a funny skit titled Relationships back on 12th September 2017 with his fiancée Margie, which gave fans a vague insight into their relationship. The 3-minute skit showed the day-to-day interaction of couples in a humorous way. 

Caption- Calhoun and his girlfriend, Margie, in a YouTube video 

After her appearance in the video, Margie has not appeared on any of Calhoun's videos.

Besides, Adam now seems to be focusing on his music more while still creating content on YouTube. He has released almost 10 albums in the span of his career and still actively continues to release music. 

He recently released a music video for his song, Pictures, which has over 2.1 million views. The musician also has a website called-, where he sells his merch and albums.