Adrienne Bolling: Married to her Jounalist Husband on 1997, Find Out More About her Relationship

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Adrienne Bolling: Married to her Jounalist Husband on 1997, Find Out More About her Relationship

When it comes to success, people usually judge you from two perspectives; how much money you make and how happy you are. Although the money part is not always a priority to be happy, still being happy with your life and family is a very important thing.

Only a few people get that, considering that many financially successful people are not doing so great in their personal life, media person Eric Bolling and his wife Adrienne Bolling is a couple which seems to have had success in both ways in life.

Married to her Journalist Husband on 1997:

With their different ways of life till 1997, Eric and Adrienne got married on the 4th of October, 1997 after being together for some time. Maybe they both didn't need any more signs or confirmations that the person they were about to marry was best for them. One interesting fact is that Eric's longtime friend Gretchen Carlson, who helped them to get together, got married on the same date, although to different people.

Caption: An old picture from the day of their wedding, 1997


Adrienne who was not anywhere significant in her life was not heard of until the marriage. It seems like the relationship has given her a new identity as Eric Bolling's wife and she doesn't seem to mind. And it seems like Adrienne herself is a good person herself; apart from her beautiful and attractive face and physique, she also seems to have some class as a lady. Even Fox News Fans have tweeted describing how wonderful she is.

A year after they got married, the couple perceived their one and only biological child, Eric Chase in 1998. Eric who is on his way to high school now is loved and supported well by his parents. Young Eric is guided well by his parents and his father seems to be supporting him with every steps of growing up.

Caption: Young Eric Chase spending time with his father at home(published in 2011/01/23)


Apart from the three of them, the Bollings also seem to spend time with other family members and are known for going out and having a good time, once in a while. And he didn't forget to post about it either.

As they say "behind every successful man, there is a good woman", we think this fits very well in the Bolling's case. Eric, who has had a fantastic career as a journalist and has earned huge fame as well as net worth is well supported by his wife in both good and harsh times.

Adrienne seems to have served her duty as a wife faithfully, guiding and supporting Eric and their baby boy. Apart from their routine of enjoying amongst themselves, the family also seems to have a goodwill to other people, especially those who have worked and made a difference and the following tweet is a proof to that.