Gay Man Alan Bennett Talks On Partner & Secret To Life-Long Happiness

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Gay Man Alan Bennett Talks On Partner & Secret To Life-Long Happiness

English playwright, Alan Bennett has certainly filled his cupboards full of awards for his writing skills. But for the award-winning screenwriter and author, awards are not all he decorates in his life as he shares a loving relationship with his gay partner.

Best known as a member of Beyond the Fringe, Alan has been sharing the love for more than 25 years with his lover apart from his plays. But where Alan writes twist in his own dating life that he has been keeping his love life and his sexuality notoriously low-profile. 

Relationship With Gay Partner; Secret To Happiness

Alan Bennett, who is also an actor, finally came forth with his romance after hiding it for decades. Turns out he has been romantically involved with Rupert Thomas, editor of the World Of Interiors magazine.

According to the sources, the pair began their relationship back in 1992. They kept their love low-profile hiding it from the media as well as Alan's parents. 

Alan Bennett wih partner of 25 years Rupert Thomas. (Photo: the

Moreover, Alan, who has a massive net worth, never revealed his sexuality to his late parents. Being raised along with his elder brother, Alan believed that revealing his sexuality would only upset his parents and did not want them to see distressed. 

Back then he opened up with The Guardian Weekend on October 2015 in which he revealed that even if he was gay back then he did not have any partner and there was nothing that he would come out about. He said,

“In my case, coming out about what? Nothing was happening - I might be gay, but I didn't have a partner or anything, so there was no point.”

However, after hiding his sexuality for years, Alan finally came out and revealed his partner. Adding to it, some sources have even revealed that Alan married Rupert back in 2006.

The Leeds, United Kingdom native has taken his marriage to 12 years now and is still going strong. Turns out, Alan's has garnered has his own secret to lifelong happiness for he does not want to bring extra attention to his married life. Holding secrecy about his own sexuality to his parents, he quoted to on October 2015,

“People talk about coming out to their parents, and I just didn't see the point of that."

As Alan himself saw “no point” in coming out to his late parents, the stamp of approval from his parents or society is less worry for him. 

Bisexual Dating Overlaps; Lover Of 10 Years Dead

Prior to being romantically involved with Rupert, Alan was seeing his long-time girlfriend Anne Davies, his former housekeeper. Alan met Anne when he appointed her to look after his home which began as an unlikely pairing at first. Two weeks after their meeting Alan fell in love with Anne, which created their decade-long relationship.

During the time, he was also living with Rupert. And Alan and Anne's relationship, which started off as a fling after being fond of each other, ended when it overlapped with the relationship between Rupert and Alan. 

Later Anne moved into Yorkshire and lived next door to them. While their time there Anne started to get more fond of Rupert. But later in August 2007, Anne was diagnosed with lung cancer. Later it was known that she only had three months to live.

Months later his relationship with Anne ended in January 2008 after she lost her battle against lung cancer.