Alesha Renee Wiki: Bio, Age, Possible Dating Affair With Boyfriend And Other Facts On The Rising Film Actress

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Alesha Renee Wiki: Bio, Age, Possible Dating Affair With Boyfriend And Other Facts On The Rising Film Actress

The world is evolving, so is the talent, and we find new faces mounting in the entertainment industry day by day; faces who have potential to carve massive success in their career soon!

One of such rising stars is actress Alesha Renee, who is securing her way into Hollywood through her talent and hard work. She is well-known for starring in hit movies like 'Girl Code' and 'Guy Code,' and besides being an actress, she is also a figure of inspiration for many women. But, that's not it! 

Stay until the end as we serve you a bio that encompasses everything you need to know about actress Alesha Renee, including her possible dating affair. 

Alesha Renee's Life Behind The Camera:

Actress Alesha Renee is similar to most celebrities, as she too prefers keeping her personal life under the wraps. With minimal details on access to the media, it is not easy to figure out who she is dating. But, apparently, she dropped few hints regarding her love life back in the days. 

On February 14, 2013, Alesha hinted that she is single with this tweet that she shared on her account. 

However, on February 22, 2014, Alesha mentioned to her Twitter followers about her possible boyfriend. But, she wasn't precise on who her boyfriend was. 

Moreover, recently on March 3 this year, she shared an image on her Instagram, suggesting that she is not romantically involved with anyone. 


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Since Alesha has bottled up the facts for herself, it seems we might just have to wait until there is an update from Alesha herself. 

Alesha Renee's Wiki-Like Bio:

The actress/TV personality Alesha Renee, who is 33 years of age, stands tall with a height of 5' 8".  Despite being a popular face, she remains low-key when it comes to opening up about all the peculiar details about herself; even her ethnicity remains confined. However, it is known that Alesha started working since the age of 14 years old to financially support her family. 

Although she doesn't share moments captured with her parents, she does shower some love for her big brother, Darrin Renee. 

Recently this year on May 1, she shared a childhood picture of the brother-sister duo on the occasion of her brother's birthday. 


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Back in time, Alesha, unfortunately, was a victim of sexual abuse at a tender age of 6. She even shared on Twitter stating that she is still fighting to resolve those issues on July 23, 2012. 

But, not only has she been able to become a more significant person today, those experiences have inspired her to stand up for women who have suffered violent relationships, and children who have been a sexual abuse victim.

Alesha has also been an advocate for women's empowerment since a long time at organizations such as WEEN and Hip Hop Sisters, who promise to provide help and better opportunities for women in their education and career. 

Well, despite being a generous human being, Alesha is also a hard-working person when it comes to her profession. With the knowledge that she gathered during UCB school in New York and Aaron Speiser Acting Studio, she first appeared in a PBS documentary named 'Slavery by Another Name' (2012).

She has further gained recognition by flaunting her acting skills in movies like Girl Code (2013), Guy Code (2011) and series 24: Legacy with the role of 'Aisha.'

Alesha got opportunities from several brands to be the face and voice of multiple campaigns, which also includes Proctor and Gamble's "My Black is Beautiful" campaign. Besides that, she was also a host and spokesperson for McDonald's "Men of McCafe." 

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