Alex Borstein Husband, Parents, Net Worth

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Alex Borstein was previously married to the actor...after they officially divorced each other und...has Ashkenazi Jewish Ancestry... been very vocal about her experience with divorce...son Barnaby Borstein Douglas was born in 2008...
Alex Borstein Husband, Parents, Net Worth

Alex Borstein is an American actress, comedian, and writer well known for voicing one of the lead characters in the hit animated comedy series “Family Guy.”

She first began her career at MADtv by playing a role Ms. Swan and eventually made essential appearances in notable TV shows and films to follow. Also, she acted alongside Halle Berry in 2004 movie Catwoman and made a small appearance in the hit comedy show Friends.

Alex Borstein Bio, Age, Ethnicity

Alex, who is 46, was born on 15th February 1971 in Chicago, the USA in a family of Jewish immigrants. 

She has Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry as her mother(a jew) immigrated from Hungary to flee the 1956 Hungarian Revolution while her father's parents were Jewish immigrant from Poland. She went onto grow up with her two elder brothers.

Soon, she graduated from San Francisco State University and worked as a writer for various shows like Casper, Pinky and The Brain before landing her breakthrough job at comedy TV series MADtv.

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After acting and writing for the show for 12 years, she then went onto work in series like Family guy, Getting on and Gilmore Girls.

In 2017, she played the character Susie Myerson in the series, The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel, for which she won Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

Husband, Children & Divorce

Alex Borstein was married to the actor and producer Jackson Douglas.

Alex had known Jackson ever since they studied together at the ACME Comedy Theatre, and also, both had gone on to work for MADtv. In 1995, the actress was surprisingly proposed by Jackson while a skit was undergoing shoot for the show.

A few years later, the pair finally tied the knot in 1999 and gave birth to two children. Their son Barnaby Borstein Douglas was born in 2008 while their daughter Henrietta was born in 2012.

Interestingly, Alex's pregnancy with daughter Henrietta got foreshadowed through the character Lou Deckner that she played in the show Shameless(2011). Since Alex became pregnant right after the character Lou became pregnant in the shows third season; it became something opposite of "art mirrors life" situation.

However, Alex and husband Jackson parted their ways after they officially divorced each other; sharing and splitting their individual and mutual assets.

Alex Borstein receives her Primetime Emmy Award in 2018 wearing her old wedding dress (Photo:

As of now, she is raising her kids in Barcelona, Spain.

She has also been very vocal about her experience with divorce. She shared that the lesson she learned from her longlived relationship with her husband was “to never get married.”

Net Worth, Height

Alex has been doing very well for herself financially as she has a net worth of whopping $24 million. Moreover, she earns $220,000 a month from her work at the series Family Guy and also owns her own production company called Crackerpants Inc.

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She endorsed big brands like Geek Eyewear and Vladì Shoes. In terms of height, Alex is 5 inches tall(1.52 meters).