Alex Galchenyuk's Stats is Getting Hefty and So is His Sister's Support! Not Getting The Same From Girlfriend?

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Alex Galchenyuk's Stats is Getting Hefty and So is His Sister's Support! Not Getting The Same From Girlfriend?

The support of a family member or a close and dear one is something that often proves to be instrumental for a person regarding the magnitude of their success.

This is relatable with NHL's Alex Galchenyuk, who has been a gem for the Montreal Canadiens for quite a while, as he too has been receiving a tremendous amount of support from his sister. But is he not getting the same sort of support from his girlfriend though? Well, stick around to find out!

Alex Galchenyuk's Career & Stats: How His Sister's Support Has Been Driving Him:

Alex Galchenyuk has been making inroads in his career ever since he first made his debut for the Canadiens. Alex was drafted as the third overall draft pick by the Canadiens in the 2012 NHL Draft, and ever since he has been making the fans and the franchise proud of, what he does best.

His stats exhibit his triumphant career.

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Despite the achievements he has bagged, he is someone who has been prone to injuries. However, he masters the act of recuperating well from those injury concerns, outmatching himself with time.

Based on his sheer performances, Canadiens has re-signed him to a three-year contract.

Caption: The Canadiens have re-signed Alex Galchenyuk.

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Galchenyuk was a limited free operator, who had been among 30 NHL players to petition for intervention, yet he maintained a strategic distance from that difficulty by inking a three-year contract worth US$14.7 million, that averages to $4.9 million for each season against the salary cap.

Not to miss out on mentioning, he is surely going to help his net worth a world of good.

His coach has always been a fan of him, as Canadiens' coach, Michel Therrien has often said of him,

“He’s a young player that I like the way that he’s developing as a player, Don’t forget, he’s only played three years … he started as an 18-year old.

The coach added,

“He makes a lot of progress, he’s learned about playing the game, I like the progress of that kid. Whenever he’s going to be a centreman, whenever he’s going to be on the wing, we’ll find out pretty quick. I want him to have confidence … that’s the No. 1 thing. I want him to play the game with a lot of confidence. With the confidence he’s going to be able to get success. I’m not going to put Galchenyuk in a position that he’s going to lose his confidence … that’s the No. 1 thing. You don’t want young kids to lose confidence. We want good things … we pay attention to the way that Alex is developing. We’re really pleased … can’t forget he’s a young player. But I like the direction that he’s going.”

But, all of this success not only came through his own hard work. Behind him is his sister, Anna Galchenyuk, who has been motivating her younger brother every possible way she can.

Anna shared a video of her brother's off season workouts over on Twitter, making her love for Alex evident.

The brother-sister relationship between them is something special.


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Moreover, their bond is more visible in the post made by Alex, where he wished his sister on her birthday.


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Anna is very instrumental in the success her brother has accomplished thus far!

But is he receiving the same amount of support from his girlfriend?

Alex has been dating glamor model Chanel Leszczynski for a long time now. But for other than being his girlfriend, Chanel has been in the news for being surrounded by controversies.

She famously was arrested on the charges of domestic violence, after she snapped during a late-night house party on 9th January 2016.

The two started fighting after Chanel arrived at the house at Alex's place. The reason for the fight, however, remains undisclosed.

Following the incident, she got arrested on 10th January, as a fellow party goer called the cops. Montreal police revealed in a statement,

"Ms. Leszczynski was arrested after being identified as the instigator of the fight,"

Caption: Alex and his girlfriend have faced some tumultuous times together.

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Judging just by the looks of the snapping incident, we cannot be sure of how their relationship functions on a day to day basis. But the differences that resulted in a violent action being taken does slightly hint their relationship wasn't at their best.

Moreover, it's too early to come to any conclusion as to how Chanel supports her beau. But she does not seem any closer to Alex's sister; when it comes to supporting him.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Alex Galchenyuk!