Alex Holley - The Fox 29 Host Is Way Past The Age To Be Dating Or Is Too Busy For A Boyfriend Or Married Life Stuff?

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Alex Holley - The Fox 29 Host Is Way Past The Age To Be Dating Or Is Too Busy For A Boyfriend Or Married Life Stuff?

People have set priorities in their lives. Some prioritize their personal front to the most significant extent while for some people, their professional life is their biggest priority. It is the reason why some people just want to be established with their loved ones, while some are pretty busy accumulating success in their careers.

Now that leaves us to wonder about "Good Day Philadelphia" co-host Alex Holley, who has not been that open about her will to tie the knot or have herself engaged in any dating affair.

Is it because of her professional obligations and priorities, or, is it because she has never found someone perfect for her liking? Let's dig in to find that out!

Alex Holley Not Getting Married Or Dating Anyone Due To Her Commitment Towards Her Career? 

Alex Holley is getting older in age with passing time, but still, she has not expressed any will to engage herself in a dating affair or tie the knot and settle down.

Alex has not presented a boyfriend in front of the media, who she plans to turn into her husband.

That has now compelled people to think that the professional life might just be the focal point of her life.

Caption: Fox 29 host Alex Holley has always been very confidential about her personal life.

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However, these are all assumptions which could be proven baseless anytime soon, but, that time will only come when Alex herself opens up about the facts related to her romantic front. Till then, the matter remains confined from the public eyes!

Alex Holley's Professional Life In A Nutshell:

Alex joined the FOX 29 news team back in the summer of 2014 as the “Good Day Philadelphia” co-host.

Speaking of Alex's professional achievements, she is an award-winning journalist, who joined FOX 29 from WMBF-TV station in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a place where she served both as a reporter and fill-in anchor for WMBF-TV morning news programs.

During her times with WMBF-TV, Alex covered a wide range of live stories, from devastating hurricanes and tropical storms to the famous 2012 Republican Presidential Primary Debates.

Before that, she worked as a reporter, an anchor, and producer at KOMU-TV functioning in Columbia, Missouri. Alex also formerly served as an anchor for the multi-source news site,

Alex's dedication towards her career has paid her a healthy salary helping her accumulate a splendid net worth as well; but the exact figures, although expected to be in millions, remains confined till this date!

Alike her other personal details, Alex has also kept her family in the shadows, and she has never been open about the identity of her parents. 

So much secrecy eh?

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