Alexandra Steele Ages Like A Fine Wine! Everything About The Meteorologist Deemed Important

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Alexandra Steele Ages Like A Fine Wine! Everything About The Meteorologist Deemed Important

Wheather an individual likes it or not, everyone's age is bound to increase with the passing time. However, there are some, who age, but like a fine wine!

One such person is the meteorologist Alexandra Steele, who has added glamour to the weather reporting with her presence and demeanor. When a reporter as beautiful as Alexandra Steele greets the screen, then people are apparent to wonder about her life beyond the camera.

So today, we aim to provide everything there is to know about this stunning lady! 

Everything To Know About Alexandra Steele:

Alexandra, who is a native of Albany, opts to keep a tight guard on her life off-the-cameras; leading least information regarding her personal front to circulate in the media.

Usually, when a celebrity prefers to seal the details of their lives in a closed box; the fans are left to wonder about their present and past romantic unions. The secretive love life, on the other hand, gives rise to rumors as well!

Alexandra was indeed prone to rumors; she was once romantically linked with her co-anchor, Jim Cantore. Alexandra and Jim appeared in The Weather Channel’s Eastern hour of Weather Center at 7 pm.

During the program, the hosts used to have a lot of fun together, as evident in the video below,

Caption: The co-anchors, Alexandra Steele and Jim Cantore enjoying each other's company in the TWC’s program.

(Published on September 26, 2009)

Many suspected the relationship between Alexandra and Jim to be the prime reason behind Jim's divorce with his former wife Tamra Cantore, with whom he shares two children as well. Jim divorced his ex-wife Tamra, who was suffering from Parkinson’s disease, without citing a reason in 2009. 

As per some reports, Alexandra is married to her husband, whose identity is completely concealed. The pair reportedly resides in Atlanta and is further said to have a daughter in the name of children. 

However, despite all the swirling rumors, Alexandra has not come forth and addressed it. Thus it wouldn't be fruitful to arrive at any conclusion; when a lady in question opts to maintain the dignified silence!

It's not just her husband name that is kept a mystery, as her age is obscure as well.  However, some sources claim her to be in her late 40's. Alexandra has maintained herself well, which indeed contributes to her impressive body measurements and age-defying looks.

Speaking about her career, Alexandra appeared in Good Morning Washington at WJLA-TV channel in Washington, DC and then went on to join 'Weather Channel.'

She hosted the 'Eastern hour of Weather Center' at 7 pm on 'The Weather Channel' from June 2009 and left the network in September 2010. Further, she worked for CNN as the on-camera meteorologist in early 2011 as well.