Alexia Barroso Is of The Age That Terrifies Her Father Matt Damon

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Alexia Barroso Is of The Age That Terrifies Her Father Matt Damon

A family is not always the bond from the blood-relation, sometimes it defines much more than that. Alexia Barroso's fate is something that everyone always dreamt of: aside from her biological father, she got a reflection of the real father in the one her mother got married to.

Alexia is more close with her stepdad, Matt Damon and it seems Damon is more concerned about her as well. So, let's take a peek at the outstanding bonding between Alexia and her stepdad Matt Damon!

Alexia's Barroso's Bond With Stepdad Matt Damon 

Alexia Barroso is a 19-years-old American actress of Argentine descent. She is popularly known as, the stepdaughter of Academy Award winning Actor, Matt Damon, who married her mother, Luciana Bozan Barroso, back in 2005.

Alexia was born to the parents; Arbello Barroso and Luciana Bozan Barroso as their only child. Alexia's parents divorced in 2004 and later, her mother married Matt Damon in a private civil ceremony inside New York’s City Hall on 9 December 2005.

Though Matt Damon is Alexia's stepfather, he treats her like his own.

One of such glimpses was seen in February 2017 when 'The Good Will Hunting' Star took out his time to cheer his stepdaughter Alexia. Despite being one of the Hollywood’s famous actor, but Damon takes out time off his busy schedule to catch his kid's sports game.

Matt Damon gave a big hug to his Stepdaughter after the end of the game, as he was spotted at his daughter's soccer game (Source: Dailymail)

People destined like Alexia Barroso is rare to find; she was blessed with a Stepfather like Matt Damon, who is more like a real father to her, and his love and care towards Alexia is not hidden from the public as well! 

Matt Damon bonds with his stepdaughter Alexia as they walk along the shore in Malibu, California (Photo: Dailymail)

As a father, Damon has fulfilled all the responsibility and proved that blood-relation is not necessary to be a family. Besides the love, his strong concern with Alexia, her wife's daughter with the first husband, is easily evident like a real father. 

Even Alexia's biological father, Arbello Barroso agreed to Matt Damon being Alexia's best stepdad.

In an interview with Star magazine in December 2016, Arbello explained, 

“ I could not Possibly have asked for a better stepfather for my daughter than Matt. He treats Alexia like she is his own flesh and blood. Matt has been an absolute blessing for my daughter.”

Matt Damon, who also treat Alexia like his own, revealed that he also experienced his parents' separation like that of Alexia. Recalling his childhood, Matt Damon shared in an interview in March 2012 saying,  

"My parents divorced when I was young but I was brought up in two really loving households. I didn't have a contentious relationship with my mom or dad. I am not quite sure why but I never felt the need to lie to them."

Matt's relationship with his parents is probably the reason for his strong bond with his stepdaughter, Alexia. 

Alexia Draws Her Stepfather, Matt Damon's Concern 

In 2011, Matt Damon was more concerned for his eldest daughter, Alexia as she was about to enter her teenage years. In a 2011's interview with the Radio Times, Matt revealed his concerns about raising Alexia saying,

“Like any father , I’m concerned a little about her (Alexia) becoming a teenager…because I know just what teenager boys are thinking.”

Despite his Stardom, Damon still managed to balance his daddy duties along with his work, proving that he is fully a family man.

During the shoot of  2009's movie, 'Invictus', the shooting days longed for seven weeks in South Africa, which was in the middle of Alexia's school year. Damon decided to go with family, but as it was in the middle of school year, he decided to take their eldest daughter, Alexia, along with the whole class.

In an interview on March 2012, Matt stated,

 “My wife and I figured out that if we flew Alexia's [his eldest] class of 10-11 year olds out there for a 10-day trip, with the school holidays, we could take Alexia out of school for a week on either side of that trip and I would only be away from her at the beginning and end of the shoot. I sorted it out with the school six or eight months beforehand.”

With an idea of the Nelson Mandela Lesson in South Africa, he even took the whole class to South Africa so that he can spend his time with his family.

“The family came a few days later with Alexia and all her classmates. They did a whole Mandela mini course. They went to the townships and Robben Island. It was a worthwhile trip – and it meant that my family would only stay apart for a short amount of time.”

Similarly, in December 2017, Damon gave another interview where he revealed his daughter, Alexia has grown up. Stating his daughter is too old for Roy Moore, he revealed, 

“She can do whatever she wants. [She’s] way too old for Roy Moore. Thank god, she’s out of the woods. I gotta worry about the next three.”

Damon opened up that he can no longer tell what she can watch to his 19-year-old daughter, Alexia. 

A Short Bio of Alexia Barroso

Aspiring American Actress, Alexia Barroso was born in 1999 in Miami as the only child of Luciana Bozan Barroso with Arbello Barroso. Her parents divorced in the year 2004. Later, in 2005, when Alexia was just of the age of six years old, her mother got married to the Superstar Matt Damon in a private ceremony at the New York City Hall. 

Alexia has three half-sisters, namely; Isabella(born June 2006), Gia Zavala(born August 2008), and Stella Zavala(born October 2010).

On the other hand, Alexia’s mother's marriage with the highest grossing star brought them a financial security, and their lifestyle eventually caught a height.

She has spent most of her time with her stepdad. As a result, she shares a strong bond with him. She learned to drive with his stepdad, and she was seen touring the American University College back in 2017 with her stepdad Matt.

Alexia’s collected the first experience in acting with the family drama, ‘We Bought a Zoo’ in 2011. She portrayed the role of ‘Zoo Staff’ in the Cameron Crowe directorial venture, where she shared the set with her stepdad, Damon.