Alison Wright Reveals Her Thoughts On A Troubled Married And How She Would React To It; Too Busy To Have A Boyfriend?

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Alison Wright Reveals Her Thoughts On A Troubled Married And How She Would React To It; Too Busy To Have A Boyfriend?

Getting married is easy but sustaining your marriage till the end can be quite difficult, actress Alison Wright after storming through her on-screen married life discusses the arising obstruction after getting hitched followed by her reaction.

Is the star sharing her marriage experiences by her of screen experience or is she secretly hitched to her career rather than having a boyfriend?

Talks About Marriage Issues: Faced On Real Or On-screen Experience?

“The Americans”(2013) starrer Alison Wright after working for around thirty-four series as a married woman Martha Hanson shares her reaction in her married life. In the series, Martha is married to her imposter husband Clark Westerfeld or should we say Philip Jennings (Matthew Rhys) who drags her married life towards hell placing her life in danger despite being married to Elizabeth Jennings (Keri Russell), another KGB officer.

Caption: "The Americans" where Clark and Martha revive the details of their first meeting (2013). 

With the existence of so much of lies and betrayal in the marriage, Alison shared her personal experiences by aligning with the character Martha in an interview with the where she disclosed about adapting the same tool and same path like Martha when trying to start her family life, she said:

“Wow, you know, I would probably act just the way she is, because you have to remember that what we are aware, she doesn't know any of that. She doesn't know all of the things that we know as an audience; she knows petite. But I would probably be a little more suspicious I'd probably be a bit more direct about it, but she can't be direct yet. She has to be in denial at the moment.”

She further added,

"Well, there's only a few episodes left this season, but I would like to see her be happy, I would like to see her not broken. I would like to see her not be murdered, be happy, and maybe if she can't get a kid, maybe get a little puppy or something?  

Although the actress shared about the existence of issues in her married life she also shared about her sex life with her on-screen husband where Alison giggled like an old school girl when asked by the about Clark’s perspective in finding Martha sexy, she said:

“I think it’s been this exciting, fairy-tale romance. It’s cloak-and-dagger, to the extent that she thinks it is Internal Affairs and stuff.These meetings and doing these naughty things that’s still exciting to her.  I also believe that Clark is probably playing her correctly. He’s seeing what kind of person she is, what she responds to. She thinks she’s got this great guy, and everything’s perfect for her, as far as she knows.”

In spite of working with a handsome man in screen Alison has built no crush or develop any feelings for Ray though she shared some off-screen moments with him,

Despite facing so much of issues in her on-screen married life, Alison even at the age of 40 is flaunting her singularity as she has not disclosed much about her personal relationship there remains a silence on her current dating perspective. Maybe the character of Martha has filled her head with the absence of loyalty in the marriage, or maybe she is not in a stage to handle any marriage issues due to her inclining career life.

But while scrolling through her social media, we came across her television crush, which the actress she openly confronted before her fan followers.

Well may be in the forthcoming days we will get to see her as a beautiful bride. But at present, she is currently working on her major television projects like Confirmation (2016) and Feud: Bette and Joan (2017) followed by her several previous projects in the movies like Braaains! (2015), Good Ol' Boy (2015), The Accountant (2016) and television projects like Blue Bloods (2013), Sneaky Pete (2015-2017) She might not have got time to find a perfect husband to get married despite the fact that she has worked with several Hollywood hunks.