Allegedly Gay Jonathan Torrens: Married With 2 Children About Parenting

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Allegedly Gay Jonathan Torrens: Married With 2 Children About Parenting

Imagine the frustration and anger that one has to undergo when s/he tries to prove something about themselves which is not the reality. It really can take the best out of people to prove their innocence against what they have not done.

Especially these days, when we have so much of technology to share information worldwide, there are many cases of false reporting or facts about someone, and then that story goes over and around so many times that people actually begin to think it could be true.

Allegedly Gay Jonathan Torrens!

Jonathan Torrens might not be guilty, but he certainly has had his moments to deal with after all those gay accusations made about him.

After portraying a gay role in one of his TV shows, Jonathan was accused of being really gay even in his real life. The fact that there was not any information regarding his dating life or affairs also contributed greatly to the building of this controversial issue, which took some time and effort to clear off.

But finally, it has been revealed that Torrens is not sexually gay. He never was, and all this time was remaining silent he was preparing to come up with solid evidence to prove his manliness. Jonathan Torrens is married and happily married as he and his wife have been long enough to each other to post about it in social media as well.

Some of his fans also spotted him in public with his wife, although they had not the idea of who the woman was and the nature of their relationship. However, it turns out that he and his wife were expecting a baby not so long ago.

Married With 2 Children: About Parenting

Recently, Torrens also shared his opinions and advice on how to deal when you are a father for the first time. In 2012, he became a father to for the first time and had generally shared his experiences on how to deal with a new born baby. As of 2016, he has already had two children and doesn't be surprised if you hear about his third child, soon.

Short Bio of Jonathan:

Jonathan Ormond Torrens is a Canadian actor, a TV personality as well as a musician; who was involved with the musical group Trailer Park Boys. He was born on the 25th of October 1972 in Prince Edward Island, Canada and was raised in a small family in Charlottetown.

While he was studying at Sherwood Elementary School, he got his first chance to step up and perform on stage when he was in grade 1.

Following that, he grabbed more opportunities in his next school, St. Patrick's High School and together with his sister made and performed multiple acts and dramas. His sister,  Jackie Torrens is an actress as well as a play writer. 

He started his career as a stage actor but shot to fame in the late 80s, after he began hosting the popular children's art show named " Street Cents," for seven straight years.

Following his success as a TV presenter, he started to produce and host his own talk show name d'Jonovision", which saw him stand up to win several awards for Best Individual Performance in a Comedy Series and Best Comedy Series.

Besides that, he was also nominated for the Gemini Award for seven times in a row. As of 2016, his fans were disappointed hearing the news of him moving out from the Trailer Park Boys in an interview, after his long and lively involvement.

Caption: Trailer Park Boys at Gemini Awards 2009

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