Allie Bertram's Affair With Ice Hockey Player: Dating With Boyfriend in Motherland

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Allie Bertram's Affair With Ice Hockey Player: Dating With Boyfriend in Motherland

It seems like our 27 years-old Allie Bertram is having an affair with someone. As per our intelligence, the guy is an Ice Hockey player. Who is he after all? Let’s find out who is that lucky man that has got the opportunity to be called Allie’s boyfriend.

Discovering motherland with love.


Found my favorite Italian ???????? #exploring the #motherland

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Our young actress is currently in a relationship with Andrew Cogliano, the famous Canadian professional Ice Hockey player, who is now playing for Anaheim Ducks. Yes, the couple has been dating since 2010 and still, after about six years of dating, they are still going steady and vigorous.

Recently, according to Allie’s Instagram pictures, the couple is dating and enjoying their vacation in Allie’s homeland which is Italy. The couple seems to be enjoying their time visiting places and attending weddings and having a quality time together. Here are some of the pictures of the couple from Italy.

Visiting the Colosseum.


???? #gladiator ????

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Attending the most beautiful wedding.


The most beautiful wedding #winenotnilsson ????????????????

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To this date, the couple has not spoken about any plans related to starting a life together and getting married. They seem to be enjoying their time together as boyfriend and girlfriend for now and are will be getting married later. Now, let’s talk something other than their relationship.

Andrew's loss:

Not sure if you knew or now but Allie Bertram’s boyfriend suffered from a partial edentulism. Yes, Andrew Cogliano lost two teeth of his upper middle section. No, it did not happen because he is old; he is just 29 right now. He lost his teeth on March 20, 2013, in a game against Chicago Blackhawks when Andrew got hit by opponent Brandon Bollig’s high stick.

However, Cogliano set an example of toughness after he came back to the ice to finish off the game. Well, we think Allie is in good hands and we bet she feels safe and protected beside the tough Cogliano after all, he is one strong man. We hope that the couple soon decides to get married and let us know all about it. Currently, Andrew looks like this,

Still, has a bright smile.


???????????? #cowgirl #cowboy #hoedown #cogsfordogs

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Allie Bertram was born on June 23, 1989, in Alberta, Canada. Allie is best known for Sucker Punch (2011), Radio Rebel (2012) and Mako Mermaid (2013-present). From 2015, Allie Bertram has been portraying the role of Mimmi in Mako Mermaid.