Film Actress Ally Sheedy Respects Her Young Daughter's Decision to Come out as Lesbian!

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Film Actress Ally Sheedy Respects Her Young Daughter's Decision to Come out as Lesbian!

It is not new in Hollywood to change one's sexuality preference. Actors have time and again changed their sexuality where they come out openly as ‘Gay’ or ‘Lesbian.'

Ally Sheedy, who was raised by a gay mom, embraced the decision of her daughter when she also came out as a lesbian.

Change Of Sexuality; Not a Big Deal

In 2010, during the red carpet of the Trevor Project’s 10th annual East Coast fundraising gala, Sheedy announced that her daughter is lesbian. She stated,

“My daughter has just come out, so... it's personal."

Rebecca Lansbury is the only daughter of Ally Sheedy from her husband David Lansbury whom she married in 1992. The couple got divorced in 2008.

When Rebecca Lansbury came out as a lesbian, Ally did not appear surprised but seemed very comfortable about her decision.

The mother is herself surrounded by lesbian mom and lots of transgender fans so it might not be harsh to embrace the fact of her daughter.

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In an interview with a website, she even shared her genuine feeling about her daughter coming out as a lesbian. When asked how she handled her mother and daughter's decision to come out as gay,

She shared,

“The thing is that with both my mom and my daughter, [coming out] wasn't really an "event" per say. There's no event where somebody says, "Let me come out to you."… I mean, it does happen with some people where they choose to come out on the Internet—which is their thing. I don't remember a time when I had the thought that,” "Oh, my God…my mother is gay!" because it was an ongoing conversation. Just the same, there wasn't a day when I thought, "Oh, now my daughter is gay!" It's just a part of life. It's like, "Here's mom and here's mom's life" and "Here's Rebecca and here's Rebecca's life." I can't imagine things being any different.”

It's a reasonable thing to come out clean about one's sexuality as it is just a matter of time to face the fact of your life.

When she was asked about her attachment to the LGBTQ community, She answered,

“Yes, yes, I absolutely do! I feel like I come from this community because I have a gay mom and a gay daughter. … I've been surrounded by actors my entire life and [many of them are gay]. … This is my world. I feel so much a part of the greater LGBTQI community.”

Furthermore, She showed more support in her latter statement adding,

“It's difficult for me to understand a family member judging or not loving or accepting another family member because they are gay.”

It is undeniable that her every word clued us about her clear thoughts for LQBT community and we have to respect that too.

Multiple Talents Which Led To Impressive Net Worth:

The author and actress, Ally Sheedy started her career at a very young age of six, dancing in the American Ballet Theatre. At the age of 12, she wrote a book titled "She Was Nice to Mice" which was published by McGraw-hill and became the best-seller that time. To make her writing skill more prominent, Sheedy published a poetry book in 1991 titled as "Yesterday I Saw the Sun" where she again proved her ability as a best-seller author and a performer. In 1983, She made her feature film debut through Bad Boys.

 Ally also indulged in various television series like The Best Girl in the World, Hill Street Blues, The Dead Zone and much more. She got her first break in an acting career for her role as Allison Reynolds in the Breakfast Club. Her incredible net worth of $6 million is accumulated by her acting career, on stage performance, films and as an author.