American Journalist of White Ethnicity Erica Hill Married Life: Husband David Yount And Two Children!

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American Journalist of White Ethnicity Erica Hill Married Life: Husband David Yount And Two Children!

You may have heard dissertations of many on-screen personalities about their career- family balance. Many of them say they are more inclined to their family. However, there are not many who demonstrate it. You can consider Erica Hill as one of the rare species.

How is she a family-oriented person?  Let’s find out.

Leaving NBC's Weekend!

Former co-anchor of CBS’s popular programs “The Early Show”, “CBS Evening News” and “CBS This Morning”, Erica surprised many of her cliques by leaving NBC’s popular show “Weekend Today” to join MSNBC as an anchor and correspondent. Her four years spell on NBC News ended on April 3, 2016, when she announced to leave NBC to spend more time with her family.

Married Life, Husband, and Children:

This American journalist of white ethnicity has been happily married to her husband, David Yount, for 11 years now. David is a lawyer and the founder of LicenseLogix. They got married on October 15, 2005. They seem to have great chemistry as per the twitter photo she shared with him on his birthday.

The couple has two sons, Weston Robert Yount (November 25, 2006) and Sawyer Steven Yount (March 23, 2010). Below is a picture of her with her son, Weston who has accompanied her to work.

Return to CNN:

There has been news that for the new part of her career, Erica will be returning to CNN where she will join the reboot of its HLN channel. She is one of the female hosts listed by the network alongside Robin Meade and Michaela Pereira. She has previously worked with CNN until 2010, but now she will be returning to share her talents with the network. 

Despite explicitly declaring the reason for leaving NBC, she has been going through various rumors. After leaving NBC, a nationally broadcasting network, she joined MSNBC, a regional broadcasting network. Her move to MSNBC from NBC has been seen by many as a career downfall.

Erica Hill on her return to HLN:

After her venture to CBS and NBC news and her return to CNN, Erica confessed to feeling 'Back at home.' Erica talked about her leave from CNN and admitted that she did not regret that move saying,

“I was very proud to say that I worked at CNN and it wasn’t an easy decision to leave, I don’t regret it. I’m really glad that I took that break, went to a couple of places and was afforded all these opportunities. But I was excited to come back here."

Erica Hill is leading her own show on HLN 'On the story with Erica Hill" and so far it's been great. Erica also revealed that the reason for her leave from NBC was actually her family and confessed that the toll of working around the clock and being unable to give time to her family, especially her 2 sons was bringing her pain.

This was when HLN boss Ken Jautz convinced her to give time to her family after offering her an afternoon timeslot on HLN-TV. Erica was reported talking about Jautz with the following words,

"Ken said to me, ‘It’s really important, Erica, that you make sure you have a life outside of work, On the stress level for my entire family, not just me personally, I think it’s been better for my marriage. My husband and I actually see each other! It’s been better for my kids. They need their mom and dad around.”

With her return to HLN, the sister channel to CNN, Erica went through quite a nostalgia trip and talked fondly about her experience of 'coming back home',

"Walking back in the building, there is something nice when you know where everything is. I know where the cafeteria is. I have friends in the makeup room. I know the producers. I know the staff on the floo, There is something to be said for that. CNN is always going to have a really special place in my heart,That hasn’t changed.”


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Be that as it may, we can conclude that  Erica is one hell of a mom and wife who has sacrificed her career for her family.