Amy Goodman From "Democracy Now" Is A Pro At Maintaining Relationship And Work!

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Amy Goodman From "Democracy Now" Is A Pro At Maintaining Relationship And Work!

Have you ever heard of Democracy Now? Well, it is an hour-long American news program, which includes some of the country's leading progressive journalists who have marked their career with a huge fame and dozens of awards for their ground-breaking work in journalism. In this context, we will be talking about Amy Goodman, the host and executive producer of Democracy Now.

Do you know that Goodman is a pro at maintaining her work and relationship? Well, you may be aware of Amy Goodman’s professional life, but let us help you get conversant with the personal front of the life of this aspiring lady!

Amy Goodman’s Family; Her Husband and Children:

The veteran American broadcast journalist and author Amy Goodman has been enjoying a blissful marital relationship with her long-time husband, Denis Moynihan. However, her wedding date is still a mystery!

Caption: Amy Goodman and her husband Denis Moynihan pictured in October 2012. 

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Goodman’s husband, Denis Moynihan is an author by profession, who is known for his work in “Democracy Now!: Twenty Years Covering the Movements Changing America.” 

He also co-writes a weekly column with his wife. Famous as the outreach director of Democracy Now, Denis left Democracy Now! in 2008 to become the CEO of Free Speech TV.

There is no adequate information about Goodman’s relationship with her husband and their children, but there is no doubt Amy Goodman is a pro at balancing her relationship and work as till this date, she has not let either of the aspects hamper the other one.

A little Insight on Amy Goodman’s Professional Career:

Born to parents, who were active in social action groups, in April 1957, Amy Goodman was raised in Bay Shore, New York. She completed her high school in 1975 from Bay Shore High School.

She then attended Radcliffe College, where she graduated with a degree in anthropology in 1984. She also spent a year attending the College of the Atlantic.

Goodman began her investigating career in the year 1991 by covering the East Timor independence movement. She also covered Chevron Corporation's role in Nigeria in 1998.

However, Goodman has been hosting “Democracy  Now!,” a global news program since 1996 and has been awarded dozens of awards for her works. In the year 2004, Goodman won the Thomas Merton Award, and in 2008, she received the Right Livelihood Award. A year later she received an Izzy Award. In the year 2012, Goodman got honored with the Gandhi Peace Award.

Caption: Amy Goodman, presenting Democracy Now!’s Top U.S. & World Headlines.

Published on September 19, 2017.

Did you know Goodman has not only investigated and covered different cases but has also narrated the 2006 film, One Bright Shining Moment: The Forgotten Summer of George McGovern?

The sixty years old journalist, author, writer, and film producer  Amy Goodman has achieved remarkable success in her career, which is evident when we take a look at her net worth, which dwells around $3 million.