Does Andre Berto Have A Girlfriend? Or Halting The Dating Process Because Of Selective Nature?

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Does Andre Berto Have A Girlfriend? Or Halting The Dating Process Because Of Selective Nature?

Everyone has a primal and neanderthal side to him or her, and the one who can channel those instincts is able to fight every battle in their life. The same can be said about boxers as they are the ones who direct those emotions and grit in their fights inside the ring.

And while talking about boxers, Andre Berto is a successful and reputed man for what he does inside the ring. However, apart from Andre's achievements in knocking down his opponents, his fans are equally keen to know about his love life as well; the curiosity about his dating affair with a possible girlfriend is higher even than the outcomes of his next fight.

Well, if you are amongst them who wants their queries addressed; stay until the end!

Is Boxer Andre Berto Dating Anyone Right Now? Married?

Andre Berto has knocked many people with his devastating right hand. But, does this boxer's heart, beat for anyone who he calls his girlfriend or even better, his wife? 

Thus far, not many hints have been given away by this man, and that is leading everyone to believe that the man might not be dating anyone right now. Andre has not been keen to disclose any details about his romantic front publically, leading his love life to be a complete mystery as of now.

However, it has come to light that Berto was once in a dating relationship and had a girlfriend in his life. Though he wasn't vocal about her too, they were seen hanging out in several places.

Berto and his "girlfriend" were out for lunch in Beverly Hills while a fan videotaped them together.

Caption: Fan-shot video of Andre Berto and his girlfriend on lunch.

Published on Oct 30, 2013

Moreover, there are no indications of that relationship lasting. Meanwhile, other speculations about him having someone else in his life after the lady in the video stemmed when another video went viral on social media sites.

Caption: Andre Berto's alleged girlfriend and Floyd Mayweather's Little Run-In During Fight.

Published on Sep 23, 2015.

In the video above, it can be seen that Berto and Mayweather are engaged in a fight while Berto's alleged girlfriend showed some act of defiance to Mayweather.

It is not sure if the woman is Berto's girlfriend, as Berto has never affirmed it; hence we need to make sure that we wait for some official word of confirmation from Berto's end!

But although Berto has kept his lip locked when it comes to talking about his affairs; he likes giving tips on dating to his followers.

Additionally, for those who are willing to know when he will enter the ring again and take on his next fight; unfortunately, there are no fights lined up for him as of now. But, it's only an element of time, till he adds more to his impressive record.

Speaking of his records, he has made his records speak volumes of his ability through blood and sweat; however, Robert Guerrero once struck him so severely and brutally that his face swelled up to an extent where his eyes were shut close.

Caption: Andre Berto suffered some brutal facial injuries during his fight with Robert Guerrero.

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Also, did you know, he is someone who is close to his father and has been verbal about his love for him on social sites?

Andre's father set up a strong foundation and Andre is talking it further from there.


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It indeed was his father who introduced him to the boxing world when he was a child. He began learning boxing since the age of 10 from his father, Dieuseul. His father is a former professional mixed martial artist, who fought at UFC 10 in 1996.