Andrew Napolitano Reacts On Gay Marriage; Married Status Of Fox's Senior Analyst

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Andrew Napolitano Reacts On Gay Marriage; Married Status Of Fox's Senior Analyst

Former New Jersey judge Andrew Napolitano joined the Fox News channel after retiring from his law career in 1995.

Senior Judicial Analyst at Fox, Andrew got tied to a controversy in 2017 after accusing Barack Obama of surveilling the current president Donald Trump during his election campaign.

Known for openly expressing his opinion, the commentator has spoken his mind on the matter of gay marriage too. 

Gay Marriage: Supporter Or Hater?

Many times in his life, Andrew has talked about the issue of gay marriage. But his intentions, whether he is a supporter or a critic of the same-sex union remains unclear. 

Back in 2004, Andrew who possesses a medium height, presented a report based on the hot topic at that time, whether gay marriage should be legal or not. He further made arguments like the gender was not a concern and a friendship was a holy bond, no matter the identity of the bride and groom. Moreover, he mentioned that banning same-sex wedding would be implying that gay people were inferior to the ordinary people. The 68-year-old also opened his mind about using the terms demeaning terms like civil union or domestic partnership would be an insult to the homosexuals. 

His opinions might make it seem like he is a supporter. But several years later, Andrew posted a Facebook status expressing his concern if the gay marriage should be banned through the amendment of Federal Constitution.

"Should the United States ban gay marriage via a Federal Constitutional Amendment?"

Many of the gay rights haters supported in favor of the ban and Andrew remained a silent witness just observing the hate spread towards the gay people. 

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Later in 2015, he also criticized Chief Justice John Roberts' opinion of same-sex marriage. His criticism came after the Supreme Court uplifted the ban on same-sex marriage and made it legal for gay people to get married. Earlier, the Chief Justice had mentioned that the court had no right to judge if the gay marriage is good or bad and it should make decisions based on the law.

Outraged by John's comment, Andrew accused him of acting like two different people. The former judge mentioned that court had the authority to make judgments on its own.

Although he has not publicly spoken against the legalization of gay marriage, with his backhanded comments towards the issue; it seems like he has some unresolved matters against homosexual people.

Married Life Non-Existent? Ready To Date Again

Andrew Napolitano, who has a net worth of $9 million contributed by the salary of $3 million per year, is not much verbal about his personal life and his married status remains hidden from the media. Further, he has not made any comments regarding his married life. 

Although he had been romantically involved in the past with a couple of women namely Fischbein, Badillo, Wagner, and Harding; however, none of them were successfully turned into his wife. 

Lately, fans are assuming that Andrew is ready to date again. Back in 2013, he amazed the public with an unusual weight loss of 60 pounds. His viewers assumed that Andrew was preparing himself to come out in the market and may soon be dating someone. However, the fans were left disappointed after he didn't keep them updated with his relationship status.