Ann Wolfe Talks On Her Life! Whom She Got Married To And Had Daughters With? Husband and Boyfriend News?

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Ann Wolfe Talks On Her Life! Whom She Got Married To And Had Daughters With? Husband and Boyfriend News?

Ann Wolfe needs no other introduction, the eight times world champion has done it all to mark her name in the history of boxing. Other than her professional life, she has a lot of things to talk about such as her married life and her daughters. As her daughter is somehow following her footsteps and also has that extra oomph to be the next champion. We shall find out more about the all time best boxer Ann Wolfe.

Daughter Is Equally A Boxer But What About Husband?

What do you think is the thing that can make a better fighter and a champion? If you want a perfect answer then got to ask the champions, and Ann Wolfe can be a better option to do so, and the finals and answer from her would be the “grind of training.”

We are sure that the strength and the records of Ann Wolfe have made each and everyone curious to know more about her, isn’t it? So, here it goes.

Talking about Ann’s husband and married life, she was married to a dealer. Not much is heard, about her husband as she seems quite tight-lipped in that case. But she is a proud mom and often talks about her daughter.

Out of the two children, Ann’s older daughter, Jennifer Wolfe-Fenn is a boxer too. Jennifer Wolfe-Fenn who accompanied training Pops Billingsley went on  2009 San Antonio Golden Gloves finals and took a belt home.

Caption: Ann Wolfe's daughter Jennifer Fenn- Wolfe's fight with Kerri Hill. (Published on Aug 24, 2012)

On that regard, Wolfe-Fenn mother, the four-time world champion in 4 weight classes Ann Wolfe, must have felt very proud. But not talking the credit of daughter's victory, she said,

“At this tournament, Jennifer grew up and did it on her own.  I never wanted her to be in my shadow, and it was good to see that she did it on her own. I wanted her to do the best she could do, and she really did."

The stellar performance of Jennifer in the championship left her satisfied and she not only a boxer, but Ann is also a trainer who has been training the boxing star, James Kirkland.

The 46 years old boxer is a trainer of James Kirkland, the regional winner of WBO-NABO junior middleweight title 2008.

And with no doubts, Ann Wolfe was a better boxer, and for now, she has proved that she can also be an excellent trainer and has mentored many children through her gyms.

Know More About Ann Wolfe:

The boxer with a net worth of $3 million, made a record of after winning world titles in three different weight classes, simultaneously.

Ann Wolfe who has also appeared in the 2017's movie "Wonder Woman," did her amateur boxing and has a record of 3-1. She started her career as a professional boxer and winning over Brenda Lee Bell by a four round decision.

The boxer with the best knockout punch also relied on her jab in her fights and had many fights. Her first and only career loss was with Valerie Mahfood.

Caption: The first and only career loss of Ann Wolfe was with Valerie Mahfood but later fought again and defeated on August 10, 2015. (Published on Aug 17, 2015 )

As she was the most talked woman boxer during her career as a boxer, she was expected to have a fight with the eighth daughter of Mohammad Ali, Laila Ali.

And it seems that Laila Ali was also somehow expecting that, as she said in an interview that the fight would be an interesting one. Laila Ali proclaimed,

“Definitely, I think when her name is mentioned, my name usually gets mentioned along with it. Because she's a strong fighter, and she looks scary, people want to see us fight each other. I don't think that it would be a good fight. I think Ann Wolfe can give out more than she can take, and I don't think she can even give out that well. The one girl that she fought that was actually close to my size, Valerie Mahfood, I knocked out twice. Then she fought a girl who fights at 148, and went the distance with her. Then she fought another who ain't nothing the other night and went the distance with her. Ann is actually smaller than me, a lot of people don't realize that, because the way she looks. I'm a natural 168, and she's like a natural 154.”

On the other side, Ann Wolfe had a similar answer, watch below. 

Caption: Ann Wolfe talks about her Laila Ali. (Published on October 18, 2013)

But unfortunately, it never happened. Otherwise, it would have been an incredible fight, right? 

The Austin native whose mother died of cancer and her father died of murder has been of great inspiration to many. As per Sheriff Hamilton, Ann Wolfe can tell the story of her life, and that is the most overwhelming which can be of great importance to a learner. She said,

"You've been knocked down, you've been lied to, you've been backstabbed, you've been dragged through the mud, but in the end, if you don't give up, you can still succeed. Anybody would want to be the first female trainer of a world champion. But her takeaway, her reward, is to be able to tell her story. Not only to tell it, but people can see it themselves."

During Ann's boxing career, it was somewhat a male-dominated profession, but she did manage to prove her capability and shine out like a moon.