Anna Wallner, Age 46, Busy in 'The Shopping Bags': Allegedly Lesbian's Fond of Food, Married?

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Anna Wallner, Age 46, Busy in 'The Shopping Bags': Allegedly Lesbian's Fond of Food, Married?

46-year-old Anna Wallner of W Network's The Shopping Bags has been allegedly called a lesbian. Is this true? If not then who is she married to? Also, learn about her great fondness towards food.

Is She A Gay or Lesbian?

Anna Wallner has been allegedly known to be a lesbian. Is this the truth? We cannot verify such notion, but according to, she is. But it takes more than one source to spread a rumor.

It happens to be that in February 1997, a woman with the same name, "Anna Wallner," committed suicide because of her mother not accepting her homosexuality.

The Wallner family was a highly religious Christian Catholics. Their daughter, Anna came out via a letter at the age of 20 in 1988. Her mother hated this, and her coming out started to create differences between them since day one.

Now, Anna Wallner, after years, is still trying to mend the differences between her way of life and her religion.

Anna Wallner Married Happily With Kids

While she doesn't have a boyfriend, Anna does have a loving husband.

It has been confirmed that Anna has been married for quite some time and even has a kid! While her marriage date and the birth date of her child(who is currently three years old according to an Instagram post)hasn't been released, she has shared pictures of her happy family, and she does it regularly on her Instagram. She is one proud Mom!


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But apart from all this, she seems to be really interested in foods.

We can clearly see that Wallner is a  food enthusiast. You can know this quickly when you stalk her Instagram and Twitter accounts. She also mostly writes about foods on their site "" It is packed with foods related posts and updates. 

Now, let's review her Instagram posts to feel delicious.

Summer Salad:


Summer salad. Simple and perfect. @domenica_fiore #tomatoes #cheese #goodness #annastestkitchen

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Strawberries and Peach Pie:

And pies made out of peaches and strawberries.



Strawberry pie #justbecause #inseason #strawberries #youcandoit #annastestkitchen

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On Twitter:

Doggy Friendly Cupcakes:

She also likes to share her hobby with her pet dog, Lola.

Anna Wallner Talks About Life As  A Travelling Culinary Expert:

In an interview with, Anna Wallner had the chance to talk about experiences traveling around the world tasting exquisite foods and cuisines. She shared how she maintains her near perfect figure while still finding the time and strength to enjoy it all saying,

Travel is hard on the skin, so I drink as much water as I can. I also eat the things I would at home, like vegetables. And to maintain my overall health while I travel I take chlorophyll supplements. 

Wallner also shared that her favorite culinary destination was Tel Aviv, Israel because of its exquisite breakfasts and further talked about the Market House Hotel stating, 

 At the Market House Hotel, they put out the most incredible, healthy spread, including fresh lentil salads, all sorts of cheeses, smoked fish and the best housemade hummus.

Wallner, like everybody, loves to collect Souveniers and she had to chance the sharing the story of her favorite ones saying,

Eight years ago I bought a pink Venetian glass bowl in London on Portobello Road, and I still have it on display. I also bought a pair of knee-high Christian Dior boots in Rome. When I saw them I got so swept up in the moment, I just said: “Charge it.” I want to be buried in them.

Anna Wallner was born on October 31, 1969, in Toronto, Canada. She received her Bachelor’s of Arts Degree from the University of British Columbia. She also graduated from the University of King’s College in journalism.

She started her TV career as a reporter for Canada’s ‘Global News.' She only co-hosted ‘The Shopping Bag’ alongside Kristina Matisik, in 1999, since then she has also appeared in ‘Anna and Kristina’s Beauty Call’ and ‘Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bag’ later.