Antwon Tanner is Married! And He is Obsessed with His Wife and Family

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Antwon Tanner is Married! And He is Obsessed with His Wife and Family

In the life of a celebrity, privacy is hard to maintain. And just because some celebrities are good at keeping their personal life private does not mean that they don’t have one.

The same thing happened with the One Tree Hill actor, Antwon Tanner. The actor has been in the spotlight for his work but has hardly spoken about his personal life. Turns out Antwon is married and has a family. 

Let's find out more about the secret family of Antwon Tanner.

Antwon Tanner Wiki: 

Born in Chicago on April 14, 1975, Antwon Tanner is widely popular for his role as Skills in the hit series One Tree Hill. Antwon, who played a college student in the show, is married in real life and has four children: Twon, Jess, Hilary, and Shimary. 

The family guy is very much obsessed with his family. Even though the actor does not talk much about them, he often shares pictures of them on social media. 

Take a look at a few!


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His wife is not the only one who made it to his Instagram. The actor posed with his children.


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Check out his two beautiful baby girls. All his children are very active on Instagram.


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Last but not the least, here's a picture of him flaunting his tattoos.


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It is true that his personal life is out of the spotlight, but his acting skill surely is not. The actor, with a net worth of $2 million, has been a part of commendable movies like Coach Carter, Dead Tone, and Percentage and TV series like Boston Public, Parkers, and Chase.

His acting skills are not the only thing that gained him a massive attention, however. Everything was working out fine for the actor and producer up until in 2010 when he was sentenced to prison on April 30. 

The low profile actor made it to the headlines after he was found guilty of stealing more than a dozen social security numbers and selling them to an undercover agent. The actor was sentenced to spend three months in jail. 

Antwon admitted to the accusations and said that it was an act of "embarrassment" to his family. He also admitted that he did it out of "stupidity" and fell victim to a financial crisis. 

The case was resolved and closed, and the actor went back to the sets of One Tree Hill.

Now the actor is successfully back in is acing business and is there for his wife and kids.