Ayla Woodruff, 25, Walked Into 2018 With Boyfriend! Their Pristine Affair

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Ayla Woodruff, 25, Walked Into 2018 With Boyfriend! Their Pristine Affair

New Year usually is the time to celebrate joy and prosperity with your loved ones.

And for the celebration of 2018's New Year, social media star, Ayla Woodruff's family weren't just the loved ones she had alongside her, as she celebrated the occasion with her boyfriend too, stepping into 2018 firm, together.

Dig in to know more about Ayla's love life.

Ayla Woodruff's Pristine Affair with Boyfriend:

Social media stars' life mostly revolves around social media, where they share every content of their life from work to love. One of such personality, Ayla Woodruff has also made every step of both her modeling and YouTube career visible on social media, but her dating life is a treat!

Ayla Woodruff, who stands at the height of 4'11'' has found herself a handsome man named Mackenzie Dae and her love life is evident all over Ayla’s Instagram.

She uploaded an Instagram image on December 3, 2017, where she revealed that snuggling with Mackenzie is one of her favorite thing about Christmas. 

"I think my favorite thing about #Christmas time are reindeer ears and snuggling up with this guy?.... OOO and watching elf with hot chocolate?❄️☕️ WHAT is your favorite Christmas movie?!?"


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Moreover, Ayla is not the only one to share the glimpse of duo's relationship, as Mackenzie has also shared various pictures of the couple. Uploading an Instagram image on August 2017, Mackenzie shared their together moment. 

The duo even celebrated the New Year of 2018 together as Mackenzie shared an image on January 1, 2018, where he kissed Ayla on the forehead. Wishing a Happy New Year to fans and family, Mackenzie captioned the snap, 

"So grateful for an amazing best friend and beautiful family, I made the best friends and fans this year and I’m wishing everyone a safe and happy #newyear and next best year! #2018"

Ayla has kept the date, regarding the initiation of dating affair with Mackenzie a secret, but frankly, unveiled that her love stepped into 2018. Posting an Instagram image in January 2018, she shared with her followers that her boyfriend makes her smile.


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The series of snaps on both the couple's Instagram proves that not only Ayla is ready for another great year, but their relationship is too!

Moreover, though Ayla has kept the dating timeline close to her chest, it is quite evident that Ayla has not turned Mackenzie as her husband as the couple is still enjoying their dating days. 

Who knows? Maybe, Ayla's social media might provide the glimpses of her married life with Mackenzie like that of New Year celebration images. For the time being, fans need to enjoy the dating affairs and wait for Ayla to tie the knot taking their relationship further to the nuptials. 

Apart from her dating life, do you know that Ayla Woodruff once tried aerial yoga with Sofie Dossi? Posting a YouTube video on August 21, 2017,  Ayla shared her aerial yoga experience where she almost met a severe injury.

Ayla performing Aerial Yoga with Sofie Dossi (Published on Aug 21, 2017)

Though, Ayla captioned the video as "ALMOST DIED w/ Sofie Dossi" there was no near-death incident or even injury, as all of it was part of Sofie's prank.