Beautiful Partner Edwina Bartholomew's Surprise Gift From Boyfriend: Clearing Pregnant Rumors

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Beautiful Partner Edwina Bartholomew's Surprise Gift From Boyfriend: Clearing Pregnant Rumors

You see Edwina Bartholomew dedicating most of her time on the road presenting the weather report for Australia and the world. But from now, she will be taking a more relaxed approach to journalism, fulfilling her professional duties from the studio. But why such a sudden change? She also got a very wonderful gift from her boyfriend recently. Could this all be because she is pregnant? 

Beautiful Way to Spend A Birthday:

Her boyfriend, Neil Varcoe, @neilwrites, took her to Waramba on her birthday.  Warramba is a town in New South Wales that lies on the eastern-most edge of the Blue Mountains.


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Our Dream:

Varcoe and Bartholomew have just bought a farm in Capertree Valley, Lithgow, that is not very far from Warramba. The purchase of this farm had also further raised further suspicions on Bartholomew's pregnancy as they are speculated to welcome their baby in the new residence.


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Caption: A Picture of Edwina and Neil's Farmhouse.

The Farewell from the Show: Cause of the rumors?

As you all know Edwina Bartholomew @edwina_b just bade farewell from her job as the weather presenter for ‘Sunrise.' After dedicating three years of her life as the weather presenter, she would be leaving it to play a different role in the studios of ‘Sunrise.'

“I felt like I’ve packed more in these three years than many people can in their lifetime”, said Bartholomew as she almost burst into tears. Her farewell was made even more memorable with the surprise appearance of her parents and boyfriend. She couldn’t have thought of a better farewell than this one amongst the closest members of her life.  Her reason to leave the show is rumored to be her pregnancy.

Caption: Edwin Bartholomew bids farewell as the weather presenter of 'Sunrise.'

Clearing off Pregnant Rumors:

With such incidents happening in her life so suddenly, there were rumors about her being pregnant. She later denied all the rumors regarding her pre-marital pregnancy. Although she found the rumor to be interesting and has talked about it with her partner, Varcoe, she mentioned she wants to do it traditionally by getting married first. She further added, “Don't be fooled by the loose-fitting clothes.” 

The rumors were fueled by the fact the couple has been spending more time together and recently even purchased a farm.

Celebrating 5 Years:

Their relationship has been hard owing to the long distances they had earlier. However, now that she is no longer on the road, it looks like they will get to spend a lot of time together. She will also finally get to take rest from her three years long travels.


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Edwina Bartholomew and Neil Varcoe: Engaged!

Yes, that's right, Edwina is now engaged to long-time lover Neil. Edwina informed her fans about the proposal on Instagram and revealed with great joy that she soon plans to be named as Edwina Varcoe.


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It was later revealed by Edwina that Neil went to extra lengths to make his proposal perfect taking the help of Channel Seven and their wardrobe department to make sure the ring was of the right size. Edwina revealed about his plans stating,

“He had the girls from wardrobe pretend to measure my ring finger for the Logies tonight so he could get the right size. He was very sneaky and very clever.”

Neil proposed to Edwina in a rural farm in New South Wales, Australia. Edwina would later go on to explain the event as 'very simple and very lovely.'

The couple of 6 years plan to take the wedding slow and want to carefully plan the whole thing. Edwina, who was basking in happiness revealed about her wedding plans saying,

"We’ve been together for six years and so we’re not in any hurry. "

and further continued about her planned reception stating,

"It will just be family and friends and something low-key. We’re not having 500 guests and a drumming band, it’s going to be pretty simple.”

Edwina Bartholomew's Short Bio:

Edwina Bartholomew was born on June 5, 1983. She obtained her journalism degree from Charles Sturt University and received a  Masters Degree in International Studies from the Sydney University. Most known for her work on Dancing With The Stars as well as Sunrise She has recently come into the limelight because of a wardrobe malfunction in Premier’s Game Appeal Dinner in February 2016. She also became famous for pranking her co-hosts of 'Sunrise' on TV during April Fool’s Day by saying she was engaged.