Actor Ben Lamb In Fun-Filled Married Life; Wife With Same Love

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Actor Ben Lamb In Fun-Filled Married Life; Wife With Same Love

Marriage allows people to enjoy their life with their partner for the rest of their lives. Well, you can spend your life hanging out and having fun with your best friend in the world. Having a similar kind of scenario is the actor, Ben Lamb who has a blissful married life filled with fun.

If you are seeking more information about Ben and his joyful married life, then you've come to the right place!

Ben Lamb's Married Life!

Ben, who is now enjoying fun-filled married life, got married to his girlfriend Louise Coles back in November of 2016. The pair exchanged vows at a very low-key ceremony in Novara. However, they have shared some glimpse of their wedding through

Ben Lamb gets married to Louise Coles (Photo: 

Prior tying the knot, Ben and Louise tried their level best to keep their dating affair private. Well, they are still miles away when it comes to flaunting their love life on social networking sites. However, Ben recently wished his wife 'Happy Valentine's ' through Instagram.


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Ben, who seems to be an animal lover has uploaded multiple pictures of cats on his Instagram. Back in April 2017, Ben posted a picture of cats through his Twitter wishing everyone 'Happy Easter.'

Ben Lambs wishing Happy Easter (Twitter)

In his post, he also said that he and his wife collected the cats together in a couple of weeks. After a couple of months, in November 2017, Ben again shared a picture of cats through Instagram.


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Similarly, in January 2018, Ben shared a picture of cats on his Instagram and captioned it saying 'whenever there is yogurt around.'


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After a couple of days in January 2018, Ben again posted a picture with his cat stating that the cat could sit anywhere in the house but still chose to be with him.


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Through his Instagram post, it is for sure that Ben and his wife loves cat very much.

Ben Lamb's Life At Glance

Born on January 24, 1989, in the United Kingdom, Ben stands the height of 6 ft 2 inch. Ben is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and started off by performing in operas.

Ben is one of four hundred forty people on AlphaLife with the first name Ben and also fell into the category of celebs who were twenty-eight-years old and famous figures with the birth sign of Aquarius! 

29-year-old actor Ben is well Known for portraying the role of Edward in the 'Divergent' film series in 2014. He was previously known for his role in the mini-series 'The White Queen' in 2013. He also landed a part in the 2016 sequel 'Now You See Me 2' and has starred in an independent thriller called 'Blood Orange.' 

With the striving career to success, the actor Ben probably must be earning in thousands. However, his net worth is concealed.