Who is Benjamin Hoeksema? Wiki on The Architect Boyfriend of Rose McIver

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Who is Benjamin Hoeksema? Wiki on The Architect Boyfriend of Rose McIver. Benjamin Hoeksema has been living his life under the radar with minimal details on the reach to the media. He is an architect by profession and is also a member of Domestic Partnership as per sources.
Who is Benjamin Hoeksema? Wiki on The Architect Boyfriend of Rose McIver

Living in Hollywood is tough; especially when the public and media is continuously craving to know all the scoop in your personal life. 

Celebrities are proof of that, and many celebs invest their efforts to maintain their life as private as possible. 

Take the architect Benjamin Hoeksema, for instance. On the side note, he is also someone who is excellent at keeping his life in the shadows. 

However, for all those ardent fans who wish to know more about him, here is every detail of Benjamin Hoeksema in his wiki-like bio. Let's dig in!

Benjamin Hoeksema Wiki

Benjamin Hoeksema lives his life under the radar with minimal details outside the reach to the media. However, as per sources, it is known that he is an architect by profession and is also a member of the Domestic Partnership

Although Benjamin loves maintaining extreme privacy in his personal life (even his nationality and ethnicity are confined), he makes use of social media like Facebook and Instagram to share updates of his everyday life. 

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When scanning through Benjamin's social media, it can be perceived that he is fond of traveling, as he keeps sharing pictures in a lot of new places. 

Besides traveling, he also shares his love for animals, such as cats and even lizards. Nevertheless, Benjamin also flaunts his love for his parents through Instagram.

Benjamin Hoeksema Relationship

On a more personal level, he is recognized for dating a famous actress, Rose McIver, who is 29 years of age. She is well-known for starring in the movie, The Lovely Bones (2009), Petals On The Wind (2014) and series, IZombie (2015) to name a few. 

Although some sources state that the couple first met each other in 2005, the exact timeline of their relationship remains unclear. Meanwhile, additional sources indicate that they moved in together in Los Angeles and started a live-in relationship since the year 2011. 

Benjamin Hoeksema and ex-girlfriend, Rose McIver (Photo Credit: FamousFix)

The couple maintains a low-key relationship, but have made few public appearances together. 

Split With Rose McIver?

Although there are many photos on the internet of Benjamin and Rose together, neither of them ever said anything about the relationship. They kept it very private. Everything was working out at one point, and the next moment it did not. Well, that seems to be the case with Rose and Benjamin. If social media is any sign, it looks like Rose is with another man now.

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Fans do not know what type of relationship Rose was in with Benjamin. But, Rose seems to be very public with the latest man, George Byrne. Rose has been posting photos with George since late 2017. And, they also love to travel. The pair flew to New Zealand to enjoy Christmas and summer break with Rosi's family in 2018

A photo of George Byrne and Rose McIver on 12 July 2018 (Photo: Rose McIver's Instagram)

George is an Australian photographer, working out of Los Angeles. The pair share a house on the east side of Los Angeles.