Bevin Prince Is Married; Her Affair With Husband Is Adorable

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Bevin Prince Is Married; Her Affair With Husband Is Adorable

Marriage is a beautiful association that strengthens the bond between the individuals, and when you get to live life with the one you love the most, then the experience becomes even more wonderful.

The scenario fits perfectly with the 'One Tree Hill" star Bevin Prince, who got married to her husband, and the relationship they share is adorable. Today, let's take a glimpse of the beautiful moments they share and see how their relationship has been setting the bar for other married couples!

The Splendid Married Relationship of Bevin Prince And Her Husband:

Beautiful actress Bevin Prince has a married life that looks close to perfect. She got married to her husband Will Friend in May 2016, and they share an adorable bond, which makes everyone go 'aww.'

Bevin and Will chose to have a destination wedding on an island that was planned ten months before their big day. Prince opened up in an interview about the wedding as,

"Will and I have friends and family all over the world. So when it came to planning our wedding, we knew everyone would be traveling, so we decided to make a vacation out of it. We were so fortunate to have 70 of our closest friends and family members travel to the Beach House in Turks and Caicos to celebrate and support us."

When asked how long the celebration will last, she shared,

"Will and I both are really laid back: It was 5 days of boats, beach parties, snorkeling, fishing, dancing and a whole lot of love. Destination for the win! Destination allowed us to really get to spend a lot of time with each of our guests and more importantly give them a chance to connect with one another. I will say this: We rallied a dream team that weekend."

Caption: Bevin Prince opted for a destination wedding at Turks and Caicos.

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Moreover, when she was asked how long did they take to plan everything, she responded,

"We picked the venue about 10 months before the wedding and then, other than a few things here and there, didn't really start the actual planning until three months before. The fact that it was a destination limited a lot of our choices on things, which was a dream for me. I am also not much of a planner and people never really remember the place settings, but here is a picture of mine."

When she was asked if getting married on an island was something that she dreamt of, she explained,

"Picking the location was the most difficult part. We knew we wanted to get married on the beach — and we wanted direct flights and a venue we could rent out. That eventually led us to Turks and Caicos. For me, it was a dream wedding. It validated our choice to spend our lives together, in a way. We watched our friends and families merge into one tribe over several days and that was the greatest thing I think I will ever experience."

Opening up about the special moment after her wedding, she stated,

"When I woke up the day after our wedding, next to my best friend and realized he was now my husband."

Concluding her statement, she opened up as to how her boyfriend turned husband Will popped the question for the marriage.

"We were in London, visiting Will's family. We went to lunch at the home of one of Will's best friends. I had walked away and Will's friend ask him if he was going to marry me. Will replied that he always knew he would marry me. Will's friend asked him, "Why not ask her now?" In true Will fashion he immediately called my father, got his permission, and then got on one knee, with a Haribo candy ring, and asked me to be his wife."

Previously, the blonde beauty shared an adorable wedding snap on the occasion of their one year anniversary, and the caption of the post explained how loved up the couple is in their marital union!


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A few months later, Bevin again expressed her unbounded love for her husband in one of her Instagram images back in July 2017.


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The journey of Bevin and Will from dating to marriage has been beautiful and is raising the bar high regarding couple goals. In today's time when relationships have become futile, the couple is restoring the faith in love, and we hope that the adorable relationship remains wonderful!

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