Bill Press In Tightly Weaved Married Life With Wife! Meet The Wonderful Family Members

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Bill Press In Tightly Weaved Married Life With Wife! Meet The Wonderful Family Members

Bill Press as we all know has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry as a famed talk radio host. However, as good as his professional life has left us with a praiseworthy traces, Bill's married life is no less. Bill is blessed with a family that he shares with his wife and the bond that they share is indeed worth having a look at. 

So, without much ado, let's know more about his incredible married life along with his family members. 

Bill Press' Blissful Married Life:

The American talk radio host, Bill Press, who is currently 77 years old, lives a blissful married life with his wife, Carol Press. Carol is an accomplished, award-winning weaver who weaves beautiful and cozy scarves through her Macomber loom. 

Bill Press along with wife, Carol Press (Photo:

Bill and Carol are the parents to their two sons, Mark and David whom they raised at the city of Inverness, Scotland. As per sources in the year 2002, David worked as a biologist for the national parks service, whereas, Mark was finishing his masters at UC Davis.

Bill along with his wife spends quality time with thier children, as made evident by the things he shared with SFGate back in the year 2000.

 "We spend time with the kids. And there are so many favorite places to go to -- like hiking or to Shell Beach and McClure's Beach. I hope it gives me some grounding and some touch with reality. Bill who shares a beautiful bond with his wife even supports Carol on her profession by influencing his supporters and fans to buy the scarves

Bill not only has a good relationship with his kids but also with his wife, Carol. He full-heartedly supports his wife in her scarf business. In November 2012, Bill promoted Carol's scarves through one of his post on his twitter account where he can be seen modeling with one of the Carol Press scarfs. 

Bill Press indeed has an adorable family and the bond he shares with his wife, Carol, is the proof that one can run a family through all the ups and downs without opting for divorce. The couple has demonstrably set a marriage goal for a lot of their followers and fans.

Little More To Know Bill Press

The American host and political commentator, Bill Press, was born on 8th April 1940, in Delaware as William Press. Bill got the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Niagara University and a Bachelor’s in Theology from the University of Fribourg.

Bill started his journalism career while working at two Television stations in Los Angeles. Afterwards, he worked as the co-host of the Spin Room on CNN and Buchanan and Press on MSNBC.

Moreover, he was also the chairman of the California Democratic Party from 1993 to 1996 and still is a regular CNN political contributor.Bill also hosts a daily liberal talk radio program named “The Bill Press Show” where he gives political news with his own commentary.

Besides, hostings and commentaries, Bill is also an author of books such as 'Eyewitness (1988)', 'How the Republicans Stole Christmas (2005)' and 'Buyer’s Remorse(2016).'  Well, with a life full of work, Bill might have earned a decent amount of fortune; however, the estimated total net worth of Bill has not surfaced out in the media yet.