Blac Youngsta Arrested For Allegedly Involving In Gun Shooting; Denies Gay Rumors While Saying He Has Kids

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Blac Youngsta Arrested For Allegedly Involving In Gun Shooting; Denies Gay Rumors While Saying He Has Kids

Famous Rapper Blac Youngsta has been arrested for being involved in Young Dolph Charlotte shooting!

Back in February 2017, Young Dolph‘s SUV was shot at over 100 times outside the annual CIAA event held in Charlotte. Dolph's vehicle, however, was a bulletproof one and thus, no one was harmed in the incident.

The Police Department was looking for the suspects since then, and on Tuesday, Blac Youngsta surrendered to Charlotte authorities for being linked to the shooting. 

Blac along with two other men surrendered to the police after arrest warrants were issued against them following the shooting investigation. 

An official from the Mecklenburg County Jail explained that Blac was charged with six counts of discharging a firearm into occupied property plus one count of felony conspiracy.

Blac was then released from Mecklenburg County Jail at around 2:07 p.m. Blac is scheduled to appear for a court hearing on Wednesday, May 17.

Caption: Rapper Blac Youngsta arrested with regards to being involved in the shooting of Young Dolph in Charlotte.(Published on May 16, 2017)

Back in March this year, when Dolph was asked about the shooting and who could have targetted him, he said,

“I got no clue. I really don’t even give a damn. Like, to tell you the honest truth. I really don’t give a damn.”

 “I come from the streets. I come from, like, this shit been happening. I been having haters, I’ve been having, I’ve been a target, know what I’m saying, to people that I intimidate, know what I’m saying? So, only thing that I can do is take this shit and keep going, know what I’m saying? And what I don’ figured out is like, the more I live, the bigger and greater I’ma get just because the person that I am, know what I’m saying? So that mean, the haters and the negativity, that shit gonna get bigger too, you know what I mean? But, at the end of the day, man, I’m good.”

Let's see what the evidence prove about the accusations on Blac Youngsta!

Denial Of Gay Rumors:

Blac Youngsta has been called as a gay for a long time now. All of these rumors first sparked when Transexual model BNell Williams posted a video and multiple posts claiming that she had been having relations with Blac. 

Caption: Blac Youngsta was reportedly dating a Transexual. (Published on Mar 24, 2016)

But as soon as the rumor and posts went viral, the rapper denied being a gay and having kids at home.

Caption: Blac Youngsta reacts to the gay rumors and his relationship with BNell Williams. (Published on March 27, 2016)

Now that the man himself has denied the rumors, there is no point in questioning his sexuality.

A Short Wiki-Like Bio of Blac Young:

Born as Sam Benson on April 8, 1990, in Memphis, TN, Blac Youngsta is an American rapper signed to Yo Gotti's Collective Music Group label since 2015. He also released a mixtape called "Heavy" one year before being signed by Yo Gotti.

He is responsible for the mixtapes that go by the titles "Young & Reckless" and "I Swear to God." The success he has earned in his career as a rapper has brought him great money, but he has not provided any official word on his net worth.

Caption:  An Interview of Black Youngsta with The Breakfast Club. (Published on Sep 9, 2016)

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