Black Child Hiding Possible Married Life With Wife Behind Professional Issues?

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Black Child Hiding Possible Married Life With Wife Behind Professional Issues?

Personal life is to be kept at a distance from professional life. Black Child, the Queens rapper is pretty much into the saying and holding up the other end of it as he is hiding his possible married life behind the curtain of his professional issues.

Does Black Child have a girlfriend? Could he possibly be married or hasn't he been into taking those marriage vows yet? 

You may find your answers right below! Do read along to more about him.

Black Child's Personal, Professional Issues!

Black Child, the American rapper from Queens, could be living a happy married life with his wife; but the only thing here is that he has not been entirely open about it. Black, who is busy with his professional life has been hiding it too well making his fans curious about his dating status.

Moreover, as he has failed in stating anything of his romantic relationship and has not been spotted with any other lady, many of his fans are guessing if he is a gay.

Well, Black Child who is in his early forties has his professional issues up-front while he has been pretty good in keeping his romantic relationships at bay. 

Even though Black does not talk about any of his romantic affairs, he does believe in love and that with love, anything can be done. Black also cherishes the relationships that his cousin and his cousin's wife shares while they live the young love which he adores admitting it in the caption. 

However, he has not stepped back in sharing his family picture on the social media while admiring his cousin's relationship with a caption,

"Merry Christmas ? to you and your family from me and my family!!!!
I had a great time with the family last night!!!! Celebrated Xmas eve and V birthday! lit l???? me my aunt Sibby,my cousin Lionel and his wife V. I watch them love each other and hold it down since they were 13yrs old, My cuz 50 now! 
That’s Love! Just reminder that with love anything can be done! On the other side of things if you ain’t got no haters you ain’t popping!Everyone enjoy ya blessing and have a blessed day!!!! Merry Xmas!
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Tales playlist 1 and available everywhere!!!!! "


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However, Black Child, who is secretive about his romantic relationship has professional issues of his own. Black, best known as being associate of Ja Rule was involved in a Ja Rule/50 Cent feud where he had some altercations with 50 cents along with other fellow Murder Inc. labelmates against few other G-Unit members. The incident took place outside of the Hit Factory studio in NYC when 50 was beaten and stabbed by Black Child.

Later, Black admitted and took responsibility for it saying that he was defending himself after he saw someone reaching for the gun. 

Moreover, Black Child was caught in a gun case that led him to lock up for 30 months, right after he signed with Jam Master Jay during the beginning of his career. Black was caught with some guns that belonged to his friends, and instead of snitching on them, he took the charges and addressed to 'djvalad' on YouTube back on April 6, 2016. 

Black Child explaining the Gun case (Published on 6 April 2016)

However, Black Child whose actual name is Ramel Gill wrote verses during his time behind bars unleashing his true talents. Later, he contacted Ja Rule and signed with Murder Inc. with whom he made his appearances in the music industry. His cards eventually fell into the right place, and his career started seeing the limelight.