Thinking Bobby Moynihan is Not Married? Well, Think Again! He's Already Exchanged Vows with his Wife!

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Thinking Bobby Moynihan is Not Married? Well, Think Again! He's Already Exchanged Vows with his Wife!

Marriage is a huge commitment to any man and these days marriage has become much of a creepy decision and the couple rarely reach the phase of making that commitment. However, a prominent comedian Bobby Moynihan has successfully vowed loyalty by taking the oath of matrimony. Although Bobby has triumphed in keeping his love life and professional life very distinct, this time Bobby's failed to keep his love life out of the media.

After staying in a long relationship with beautiful actress Brynn O’Malley, Bobby got married in August 2016. Bobby and Brynn had been in a secret relationship for a long time. The span of their bond is still puzzling, and so is the beginning. The couple probably started dating before 2014 and their relationship was noticed by the media after then.

Caption: Brynn and Bobby attend the "Annie" Broadway opening night on 8th November 2018 after party at Hard Rock Cafe New York in New York City.

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Caption: Bobby Moynihan with Brynn O'Malley with Kahn for wedding plans in New York.

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Although Bobby likes to keep his relationship private, his girlfriend, Brynn O'Malley, keeps herself updated in various social medias. Bobby's wife, Brynn O'Malley recently posted a picture of their honeymoon on Instagram.

Controversial Gay Rumors:

Staying single's hard for celebrities, you never know when you get the gay or lesbian label. Bobby also became the topic of the gay issues. Since the love life of Bobby was questionable, his fans had speculations and rumors about his sexuality which assumed Bobby to be a gay. Now the rumor's subsided as Bobby's officially married to his longtime love Brynn O'Malley.

Brynn O'Malley Pregnant! Bobby Prepping Up To Be A Father

Congratulations were in due when news came out that Brynn O'Malley was pregnant. Brynn has been posting pictures of herself with her baby bump for quite some time on Instagram and sharing her experiences as a soon-to-be a mother with her fans. Bobby also shared the news on Instagram in a quirky manner and laughter ensued.


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While the couple didn't confirm the due date, they did insist that they are expecting soon and it is evident looking Brynn's enlarged tummy.

Bobby’s Net Worth:

Distinguished through SNL, Bobby has been in a lot of television shows like The Simpsons, Drunk History, etc. He has also acted in blockbusters like Grown Ups 2, Ted 2, Inside Out, When in Rome, etc. Thanks to his utter hard work, Bobby now has an incredible net worth of $ 1 million.  Recently, Bobby's indulged in a new web television show “Netflix: The characters.”