Why Did Bonnie Hunt Divorce Her Husband? Was It Because of Their Children Issues? Or Something Else?

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Why Did Bonnie Hunt Divorce Her Husband? Was It Because of Their Children Issues? Or Something Else?

Marriages don’t always end up in happy endings like that of fairy tales. In real life, many marriages face their end even due to small matters.It takes a lot from two people to make their marriage a successful one. Sadly, for our 56-year-old actress- Bonnie Hunt, the marriage didn’t turn out to be a happy story. She had to undergo divorce. Here we are trying to deal with why she had to go through the divorce.

Bonnie Hunt: Marriage, Children, and Divorce

Bonnie Hunt was married to John Murphy, an investment banker in 1988. The pair decided to end their relationship in 2006. So, it was for eighteen years that they stayed in the relationship, but the couple doesn’t have any children.

After such a long time, it is a fact that they must have understood each other very well. However, something must have seriously gone wrong in their relationship due to which they had to part their ways.

So what was the reason that made them unhappy and unsatisfied in their relationship which in turn caused them to come down to the divorce process? Was it because they couldn’t love each other like before? Did romance die between them? Did the chemistry between them turn out to be dull- not giving any form of joy? Did they come to the point where they couldn’t stand each other’s company?

There is also one rumor behind her divorce that she has been dating David Letterman. However, Letterman is married and has got a family, and it was also for the first time on Letterman's show that she made it official that she was divorced with her husband, John.

So, these all are just the mere guesses behind their divorce.We are forced to make the assumptions because there is not any solid, authentic information about her personal matter. Thousands of opinions can be done easily, but the real reason or the cause can be only disclosed by Bonnie or her ex-husband John.

Caption: Bonnie Hunt and her ex-husband John Murphy.

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Dating history and Boyfriend:

Currently, she is single and not dating anyone. When will she find her new love again is an interesting subject matter. Will she marry again and share life with future husband and children? She wouldn’t want someone young to start over again. This would be the new chapter in her life. Perhaps she is waiting for this to happen. We hope that the wait wouldn’t be so long.

At a glance: Bonnie's Net Worth

Besides being an actress, she has tried her hands in comedy, writing, direction, television production and daytime television. She has played in many successful films in her career like "Beethoven," “Rain Man,”  "The Green Mile," Cheaper by the Dozen,"” Jumanji,"  and "Jerry Maguire."

She has also worked in various animations like A Bug's Life, Monster's Inc, Cars, Toy Story 3, Cars 2, Monsters University, and Zootopia by providing her voice. She has performed in some sitcoms too. She is best known for hosting the daytime talk show “The Bonnie Hunt Show.” All her works have contributed her to have the net worth of $10 million.

Caption: Bonnie presenting the Bonnie Hunt Show (2010)

Bonnie Hunt On Helping Cancer Patients:

While Bonnie has been an actress and a comedian for over 30 years, she has been an Oncology nurse, a nurse specifying in the treatment of cancer, and has worked for the betterment of cancer patients for an equal amount of time.

The actress worked at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago back in 1982 and even while working as an actress, she has found a chance to empower and help those who have cancer as well as their families. 

Every year she attends the Annual Cancer Survivors' Celebration and Walk at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University for the National Cancer Survivors Day, and she has been continuing to do so for over 20 years. 

In 2013, she talked about the experience of joining this event stating, 

“You are all making an investment in your own karma by being here today," Hunt said. "Taking the time to walk the walk. That is what it’s about."

And while she has put a lot of direct efforts into helping out cancer patients, she believes her work as a comedian and an entertainer to be of much more value.

She also appreciates her history as an oncologist as well as an entertainer stating,

"I felt so lucky to have started my career as an oncology nurse and you know simultaneously working for the theater. It was a perfect balance. Saved a lot of money on therapy, the audiences at night certainly helped me work out whatever emotions I might have had during the day and vice versa, I would bring tapes to the hospital and show them to the patients that might be having chemotherapy and everything that they were going through so maybe for a moment they could forget their problems and laugh. And you know there was something therapeutic about it, not only for myself but for also the patients and you know I had a lot of guardian angels."

Caption: Bonnie Hunt talks about experience working as an Oncology nurse.

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