Bonnie-Jill Laflin Likes To Keep Dating Affair With Boyfriend Hushed-Up!

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Bonnie-Jill Laflin Likes To Keep Dating Affair With Boyfriend Hushed-Up!

When it comes to maintaining privacy, celebrities have to struggle a little harder because their fans are always eager to know every little aspect of their favorite celebrity's life behind the camera.

Bonnie-Jill Laflin, the model-turned-reality-star, can relate to the struggle as she is one of those celebrities who is very secluded when it comes to her dating affair and keeps it far away from the reach of her fans.

But, we were able to find out that she has a boyfriend, despite the fact that she is really hushed up on that matter. 

If you are on the hunt for the same, you are in for a treat as we are about to put her dating affair in the spotlight!

Bonnie-Jill Laflin's Hushed-up Dating Affair:

Baywatch is considered as one of the most watched series that made its way down to the history of Hollywood. The lifeguards in red swimsuits were able to draw millions of viewers. We are here to talk about the dating affair of one of the lifeguards of Baywatch, Bonnie-Jill Laflin.

The Baywatch star is a model-turned-reality-star who is very reserved when it comes to her romance with her boyfriend, Kareem Rush. While most of the people flaunt their love out on social media, Bonnie is quite the opposite.

Bonnie, who is also The Basketball Wives star, and her boyfriend keep their relationship very low-key, and their mention of each other on social media is straight to the point, hardly sharing any cheesy or lovey-dovey posts.

The very notion can also be reflected in an interview with Bonnie's boyfriend, where he answered a few questions about his girlfriend.

Kareem talks about Bonnie-Jill (Published On: Aug 6, 2016).

Since they keep their romance out of the radar, it remains unclear as to how the duo started dating each other. Moreover, there are no rumors about Kareem and Bonnie-Jill getting engaged to take a step into marriage either.

But their fans are all excited about the couple and are desperately waiting for the pair to get married to witness them as husband and wife.

Well, Bonnie may be hesitant about showcasing her love-affair to the public, but she is not at all shy when it comes to flaunting her family on social media. Back in May 14, 2017, she shared a tweet, wishing her mother on the Mother's day.

Her mother was not the only one who made it to her Twitter. The model also shared a picture of her father expressing her love towards him.

There is more to Bonnie-Jill than being a loving daughter, a good girlfriend, and a reality star. She is an actress, spokesperson, and the first female scout for the NBA who enjoys a splendid net worth of $1million.

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