Brian Cox Shares All, From Struggle With 1st Wife To Perfect Family From 2nd Marriage

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Brian Cox Shares All, From Struggle With 1st Wife To Perfect Family From 2nd Marriage

Emmy Award-winning Scottish actor, Brian Cox ​has been totally transparent about his personal life with his fans.

Known for his role in X-Men 2 and Troy, he has shared all the insights of his broken first marriage along with his current content family life. Brian had a troublesome first marriage which ended after being together with his first wife for 18 years, however, he found love again.

Unsuccessful First Marriage; Lost Twin Children 

Brian Cox, who has his first break as Dr. Hannibal Lecter in Manhunter (1986), was not lucky in his relationship with his first wife. He was previously married to Caroline Burt, who is a reality star from the E! series, Dash Dolls.

Brian, who also portrayed as gay in television sitcom Bob Servant, married Caroline back in 1968 when he was in the early stages of his career. The pair had a fine relationship at the beginning of their marriage. They were set to start a family together but they were struck by tragedy, the tragedy of losing still-born twin boys. Their dreams shattered when they lost their bundles of joys. 

However, they were later blessed with children and were looking forward to having a happy family. Brian and Caroline shares two children - son Alan Cox and daughter  Margaret Cox.

While looking forward to excelling as a talented actor, Brian missed out on his family. 

They were surrounded by financial crises and Brian, who has a net worth of $8 million, was always involved with work. His focus on his work had an impact on his relationship with his wife and children. He missed the formative years of his children which he been regretting until today.

With their poisoned relationship, the couple parted their ways. Brian and Caroline divorced in 1986. Their relationship came to an end after being together for almost 18 years. 

Family Life With Second wife

Despite his struggle with his first marriage, Brian Cox was desperate to find love and happy family life which he finally found when he met his now-wife Nicole Ansari. 

The couple first crossed path back in 1990 in Hamburg when Brian was playing the lead in King Lear. Nicole was mesmerized by the play and watched it eight times to be exact during its run.

They had their first interactions at a party and they had their instant connection that lasts a lifetime. Nicole described meeting him as meeting her soulmate as she felt understood and they were sharing conversations together.

The pair had their spark and in 1988, they were official. A year later Nicole moved to London to be with the person she loved. During that time, Brain has his careers reaching the height but as for Nicole, her career came to a stop.

She had been working since she was twelve and suddenly seeing her career to an end was hard for her to digest. At that time she had to make a decision to either pursue her career or live as a wife of a famous actor.

With a lot going on her mind and a decision to make, Nicole flew to Texas with thoughts of ending the relationship. As for Brian, he could smell that something was not right and he did not want to lose the person he loved dearly.

The pair went for a dinner and had a wonderful conversation together. Nicole expressed how unhappy she was living in London and with his sporadic visits. At that time they decided either they had to go different ways or come together in a different way. 

The path was clear to Brian as he did not want to lose is lady love. Brian proposed to they getting married and three days later they were exchanging the marriage vows. 

Brian Cox with wife Nicole Ansari attends the 'Churchill' New York Premiere at the Whitby Hotel on May 2017.  (Photo:

They tied the nuptial knot in 2001. Months after their wedding, the pair was looking forward to having a family of their own. Nicole was pregnant and in 2002 Brian welcomed his second son Orson. With the addition of a new member into their family of two changed their lives overnight.

After conceiving her first baby, Nicole's priority changed. Rather than seeking her life in characters and plays, she found value in her life and her family. Brian was proud of being a parent and this time he wanted to make it right.

The pair had their second son Torin Kamran Charles Cox in October 2004.

As of now, they spend as much time as they get being a family together. Back in 2006, Nicole and Brian both were in London and were also sharing the stage together. They both appeared in Rock'n'Roll, the new play by Tom Stoppard.

Moreover, the couple even renewed their marriage vows. Back in 2016, the pair renewed their vows at Birkhill Castle in Fife and the ceremony coincided with Brian's 60th birthday. Brian had a memorable birthday celebration along with a realization of having love and family with his wonderful wife Nicole.