Brian McFayden Isn't Married - Yet! Does The TV Celeb Have A Girlfriend Who Could Potentially Be A Wife Someday?

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Brian McFayden Isn't Married - Yet! Does The TV Celeb Have A Girlfriend Who Could Potentially Be A Wife Someday?

Many television personalities have been able to conquer millions of hearts with their charm that reflects on the cameras.Amidst the popularity, there are a handful of hosts and presenters whose private personal life has always been an exciting topic to discuss.

In this regard, we'll be talking about one such personality, whose love life has always been a topic to discuss.

The one we're depicting to is Brian McFayden, who is popular as an MTV News Anchor and host of the famous “Total Request Live.” Although he rocks the screen with his hosting skills, he seems to be a little private person in real life.

Have you ever wondered how his life beyond the camera looks like? If yes, then tag along, as today, we will try to answer all those questions running through your mind!

Does Brian McFayden Have a Girlfriend Who Could Potentially Be His Wife Someday?

No doubt Brian has stolen millions of hearts with his charming personality. We can’t as well deny the fact that Brian is talented and good-looking, but is there any girl in existence who could win his heart?

Brian officially hasn’t come forward with his relationship with a girlfriend; however, his social media posts hint his love life to some extent.

In the year 2016, Brian shared many pictures with NFL network’s Taylor Bisciotti on both his Instagram and Twitter account.


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Forty-one-year-old Brian wasn’t shy at all to share his pictures with Taylor, but he never titled her as his girlfriend. Here is a cute snap of the pair, where their bonding seems to be something more than that of friends.


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Moreover, Brian once shared a picture with Taylor on Twitter where he mentioned Taylor as his girl.

Brian wasn’t the only one who shared the pictures of the duo, Taylor too shared images with Brian on Instagram, adding more evidence of their bonding.


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Though there are many pictures of the duo hinting their relationship, they have neither confirmed their romance nor have they denied it. 

Well, this pair has now stopped sharing their pictures on social networking sites. What do you think, is Brian still not ready to start his family, getting married to the one he loves? Do share your opinion in the comment box below!

However, back in the days, he dated few ladies over the time. Brian was associated with Nicky Hilton Rothschild in 2002. Moreover, he shared a romantic union with Mandy Moore in 2001. Furthermore, he as well dated Heather Knese, with whom he even shares a son, Dane.

Talking about Brian's issues with his girlfriend, Brian was once sued by his ex-girlfriend Kristin Lancione, claiming that he misled and used her. According to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ-

"Brian fraudulently represented to [her] that he planned on asking her to marry her, but could not find a job to support himself."

Kristin explained that she supported Brian financially after he begged her to support him until he finds the job. She paid all his bills and even lent him cash, assuming he would pay her back when he gets a job.

Kristin stated-

“Brian had no intention of finding a job, and wanted the cash flow so he could remain unemployed, stay at home all day."

Kristen filed a lawsuit claiming all the money($86k) that she lent Brian while he was unemployed. The money included $1,200 for the therapy sessions that she needed to deal with as well.

Brian has never talked about his relationship and affairs after his failed relationship with Kristin grabbed massive media attention.

Stay with us to be the first to know if anything new surfaces regarding Brian's love life!