Brian Unger Keeps Possible Married Life! But Does that Make him Gay?

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Brian Unger Keeps Possible Married Life! But Does that Make him Gay?

When the people one adores keep things veiled, a natural desire of unraveling the mystery raises among the followers. But forming an opinion on the subject we know nothing about, also, isn't the righteous move one can make.

Amid the raising curiosity of the public figure's love life, many people have been termed gay without the valid grounds being available.

Similar is the case with Brian Unger, an actor, writer, producer, comedian, and commentator. Brian has kept the matters of his love life utterly anonymous as a result of which Brian's sexuality has gotten questioned various times.

Well, let's get an insight into Brian's life to know if he is actually a gay man or not.

Is Brian Unger Possibly Married to Debunk the Gay Rumors?

We have encountered many celebrities, who have kept their personal life-related information entirely concealed; Brian is one of them. 

Despite having an opinion about the various happenings of other people's day to day life and reporting it to the viewers, Brian opts not to share the tidbits of his personal front.

However, as per the reports, Brian once dated his ex-girlfriend, Winstead, who he met at a Halloween party in the 90s' while they both were on the “youthful indiscretion.”

If we are to go by the report, Brian cannot be considered gay, since a gay man would not have a love interest for somebody of opposite gender. Also, since Brian's possible married life is under wraps, no conclusion can be drawn regarding him either or not being gay. 

However, most of his followers are aware of the fact that Brian is very open talking on the matter related to the gay sexuality. Back in 2008, Brian wrote an article concerning the legalization of gay marriage that according to him could be the boost, the American economy needs. Brian wrote,

"First, Massachusetts, now California. If this gay-marriage thing spreads like a brushfire across America, and states, one by one, start bestowing marital rights upon same-sex couples, if that happens, we'll be looking at the ultimate economic stimulus package for the U.S. economy, and the way out of this recession."

Also, in 2006 he proposed a way to express your love to your friend on Valentine's day but 'not in that way.' He stated,

"Guys, you can't give your best friend chocolates or flowers. Instead, for Valentines Day, get his car detailed. You know how he likes it. Or give him a card that says, Hey, I love your tie. But add somewhere, hope my girlfriend gets me one just like it. Men can also give a buddy at the office a Valentine greeting he'll never hear from his girlfriend or wife: I love your work, Happy Valentine's Day. As a more daring gesture, gentlemen, a bit of the Bard goes a long way. Roses are red, violets are blue, hey, I'm not gay, but dude, I love you."

Well, him being very upfront in addressing the gay-related matters might as well have assisted the people's thought in perceiving him to be gay. But, let's be wise, and not jump to any conclusion without having a proper ground.

Additionally, despite his sexuality being questioned, Brian has portrayed romantic scenes with ladies on screen. Moreover, he has even appeared shirtless in 'Crowded 1-05,' where he shares an intimate scene with his co-star in a hot tub.