Campbell Brown And Husband Dan Senor Married in 2007: First Met Him While On Duty

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Campbell Brown And Husband Dan Senor Married in 2007: First Met Him While On Duty

It is amazing for a woman who is in her late forties but has the confidence, enthusiasm, personality and charm of women in her twenties.

"I knew on the day that I accepted my job at CNN that a ratings victory at 8pm was going to be a formidable challenge... due to the incredible talents of my 8pm competitors."

 Since "the ratings for my program are not where I would like them to be". I am stepping down as anchor of CNN's 'Campbell Brown'. "I could have said, that I am stepping down to spend more time with my children (which I truly want to do). Or that I am leaving to pursue other opportunities (which I also truly want to do). But I have never had much tolerance for others’ spin, so I can’t imagine trying to stomach my own. The simple fact is that not enough people want to watch my program, and I owe it to myself and to CNN to get out of the way so that CNN can try something else."

"Shedding my own journalistic skin to try to inhabit the kind of persona that might co-exist in that line up is simply impossible for me. It is not who I am or who I want to be; nor is it who CNN asked me to be at any point. This is the right decision for me and I hope it will be a great opportunity for CNN.”

- Campbell on her deaprture from CNN

Today we are talking about the Emmy Award-winning television journalist Campbell Brown. Campbell is a reporter, American television news reporter and anchorman. She served as co-anchor of the NBC news program till 2007, hosted the series Campbell Brown on CNN till 2010, and from the year of 2013, she started serving as an education reform and school choice activist. In short, she is a journalist turned controversial education activist.

Caption: Campbell Brown during an educational advocacy event in 2011.


So, this is quite a summary of her professional life. Now let’s dig into her personal life.

Campbell Brown is currently married to Dan Senor. Dan is a columnist, commentator, businessperson, and a spokesperson and former advisor to Romney-Ryan in 2012 Mitt Romney presidential campaign. He is also the co- founder of an organization called, " Foreign Policy Initiative" and is also the co-author of a book named "Start-up Nation."

Campbell and Brown got married in the year of 2006. Before Dan, she was married to a real estate broker, Peregrine “Pere” Roberts, but got a divorce later.

Want to know where they met for the first time?

According to the New York Times, the couple first met in the year of 2004 in Baghdad while Dan was working as a spokesman for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad, Iraq, and  Campbell was covering one of his daily news conferences. Both Dan and Campbell were busy enough to have a conversation then. However, when they returned to the United Sates of America, Campbell called Dan to know about his experience in Iraq.

Caption: Wedding day picture of Campbell and Dan in 2006 amid of friends and families.


They went on a group date where everybody else was talking about Iraq except them. They were busy flirting with each other. Senor recalled, “There was clearly a lot of energy and electricity between us.”

People who are close to the couple say that the reason why the husband and wife get together well is because they have so much in common, and both souls are very kind and alike.

After around a year post their marriage in 2006, on December 18th, 2007 to be exact, the couple had a son added to their family and named him Eli James Senor, and not long after, they were blessed with another son on April 6, 2009, and named him Asher Liam Senor.

Caption: Campbell Brown with husband and two sons at the premiere of Penguins of Madagascar in 2014.


Looking back to her professional life, she has been advocating against unions and teacher tenure since 2003. However, people have questioned her advocacy (she if the founder of the Partnership for Educational Justice) asking her about the ones who have funded her activities. However, Campbell has decided to keep the name of her donors a secret.

“I’m interested in full disclosure for people who give money to politicians,” she says. “But I’m not a politician. I’m an advocate. If someone wants to give money to an [advocacy] organization anonymously because they don’t want to take the flak that may come along with that, I respect that.”

“I’m a mom, and my view of public education begins and ends with the fundamental question: Is this good for children?” Brown says by phone from New York, where she lives. “In a situation where it’s the child or the adult, I’m going with the child. . . . Tenure is permanent lifetime employment. There’s no reason why anyone’s job should become untouchable for the rest of their life.”

- Campbell Brown in an interview with The Washington Post in 2014

Campbell Brown's Short Bio: 

Campbell Brown (Alma Dale Campbell Brown) was born on June 14, 1968, currently 48 years old in Louisiana, United States. She initially joined Louisiana State University for two years and later graduated from Regis University which led her to be an English teacher in Czechoslovakia for a year.

Campbell started her journalism journey with KSNT-TV in Kansas and later joined the NBC News network in 1996 and during her time in NBC, she covered the 2000 Presidential election.

She is currently started doing Post-CNN Journalism, education advocacy linking with different non-profit organizations and has also her partnership in educational justice. She even founded a non-profit news site called 'The 74' which covers education in America.