Camryn Harris Juggling Studies and Dating Affair with Boyfriend at a Young Age?

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Camryn Harris Juggling Studies and Dating Affair with Boyfriend at a Young Age? The focus is the key when you are to maintain a balance between different aspects of your life. And the one who is juggling between important aspects of her life is a young dancer and "Bring It" star, Camryn Harris. She is rising to fame with her amazing dancing skills and is thriving to maintain her studies as well as dating affair with her boyfriend. But still, she has been handling it all quite well, so let's see how she has been doing it all.
Camryn Harris Juggling Studies and Dating Affair with Boyfriend at a Young Age?

When you have your firm focus on two aspects of your life, and both are equally as important as the other, you are bound to have some concerns as to how you will be able to balance both of those aspects.

This is the same concern which young dancer and "Bring It" star Camryn Harris might have had as she has not only one but three aspects of her life to look after, her studies, her career as a dancer and her dating affair with her boyfriend. But still, she has been handling it all with the right balance, and that is why let us see how she has been doing it all without no major fuss.

Camryn Harris Bringing The Right Balance Between Major Aspects of Her Life: Dating, Studies, Dancing:

If you watch the show "Bring It," you might as well know how competitive the show is and how everyone who is a part of the show has been battling it out to prove their skills and determination. 

This is what Camryn Harris has been doing as she has been shining as one of the brightest stars on the show which has been introducing the world to new dancing sensations. 

This dancer who is associated with the Dollhouse Dance Factory has also been balancing her studies along with her dancing, and that shows how focused she can become.

Speaking of her education, her recent Instagram post suggests that she is getting closer to the day she graduates, and that is enough to show how she has been taking her education and her dancing ahead with the same rate and same focus. 


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But she has also been handling something else along with her studies and her dancing and that is her dating affair with her boyfriend George who she has been dating for over a year's time.

Caption: Camryn Harris and her boyfriend George.

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In a video released back in mid-2017, she expressed how she has been together with her boyfriend but has not gone out on an actual date with him and hence she asked her mother Mimi if she could go out on a date with her boyfriend.

Caption: Camryn Asks Her Mom If She Can Go On A Date With Her Boyfriend.

Published on Jun 16, 2017

When she asked the question, her mother refused it initially because of her practicing schedules but Camryn then said that she "can handle it," and that is what made everyone believe how she can always bring the proper and required balance in her life in various aspects.

Would have been interesting to know what her dad might have had to say in this regard. Speaking of her dad, she and her father Calvin Harris share an amazing relationship with one another and it has often been gushed on social media sites like Instagram.


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Safe to say, she has been receiving a lot of love and wishes all over the world and as a result, this dancing sensation who is just 17 in age has earned a great deal of respect and success from the fans along with some healthy money as well. 

But the actual figure of her net worth has been kept private and has not been disclosed in actual figures.